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Shot Dead

A place called Big Belly Burger. Dig tells Oliver and Tommy to sit down. Tommy says the girl at the counter is cute and Dig says she's his sister-in-law. Oliver spots that she doesn't have a wedding ring. Dig chats with the lady, who mocks him for doing a bad job of protecting Oliver.

In a booth, Oliver is a little pissy about Tommy sleeping with Laurel. Oliver has no grounds for complaint. He was dead! While cheating on her with her sister! Who's now actually dead! Tommy still claims that his action violated his friendship with Oliver.

Dig tells the woman (Carla) that his bodyguard job is a cakewalk. She does her best to deliver some exposition: "Have you forgotten this job got your brother killed? Because, Dig, I haven't. I can't." I find it odd that she calls him "Dig" when it's a shortened version of his last name. Because it was presumably the last name of her dead husband and she would have gotten used to it, right?

Oliver gets a call and answers in Russian. He tells Tommy it's a Russian model, which gets rid of him. His claim of being a Bratva captain has checked out, which means they must have had a branch on that deserted island. Anyway, Alexi tells Oliver that Deadshot's name is Floyd Lawton along with his last known address. Seems unlikely he'll be in the same hotel room every time. Also, Alexi asks to be left out of whatever is happening, and that makes no sense, since we were told that the Bratva hired Deadshot. How does Alexi know he wants to stay out of it? He even says, "Assuming Mr. Lawton doesn't kill you first." So he knows that Oliver's going to try to kill Deadshot, even though no one said anything of the sort.

In a crummy hotel room, Deadshot idly surfs the internet and cracks his neck in the universal symbol for Bad Guy. Oliver is hooded up and kicks in the door. Arrow! Wrist-gun! Arrow! Arrow! Wrist-gun! Hide behind bed! Jump through window! He's gone, somehow. Oliver steals the laptop, which was shot through the monitor.

Incidentally, by this time, the problem with the audio track had been fixed and I could hear things. I know you were worried.

A lady sits at a desk and Oliver puts a laptop on her desk. She's Felicity Smoak and she knows who Oliver is because she's in the IT department of Q Consolidated. Oliver claims to have spilled coffee on his laptop, although there are obviously bullet holes in it. I like the directness of this approach. They couldn't claim that he became an expert computer-repair-person on that island, so he's just going to the experts. He would like to know what's on the laptop.

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