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Enter the Huntress

Frank's important meeting turns out to be at Bertinelli Construction, where he's meeting China White. I don't think they ever used that name on the show, but it's the lady Chinese assassin with the ridiculous white wig. She says that the Chinese Triads aren't responsible for the attacks on his people. He threatens them anyway, presumably on the theory that it never hurts to threaten people. When they leave, he reflects that the Triads aren't known for rational thinking, so there's no point in complaining that there's no reason for them to be killing his men. He also asks, "If not them, who?" Well, how about the Bratva? There's definitely some Russian mafia activity in this town.

Oh! And somehow, the police are listening in, suggesting that they've got listening devices somewhere. Detective Queen says none of the victims were killed cleanly, so their target isn't a pro. You know, not like those guys that dip their bullets in curare.

Oliver and Helena are at a nice restaurant. Not "billionaire" nice, but Helena appears to have picked it. The owner, a Mr. Russo, is very eager for Helena to say nice things to her father. She makes it clear to Oliver that she does not approve of the way her family made its money. Oliver heard her being mean about him and doesn't pretend to be a dissipated buffoon. He never does, really. She fingers a cross and asks if, on the island, he was ever happy to be away from everything and be allowed to not be who everyone expects him to be. The answer is yes! They both dropped their guards almost immediately. But when Oliver does that, he just stares a lot and acts "intense," so he's really acting even more guarded.

Tommy and Laurel are also at dinner. Tommy is wiping his eyes because Laurel picked Indian food and it's too spicy, although he blames his tears on a sick kitty he saw. He says he wishes they were just meeting because then she wouldn't know so much about him. They should not dwell on their confusing history. The waiter comes out to report that Tommy's credit card has been declined. A plot twist!

Russo's is empty, but Oliver and Helena are still at their table. Oliver talks about the lies he tells people. Helena refers to the island as a crucible, which I'm pretty sure is a phrase that Oliver himself has used. Helena's cross turns out to be a gift from her dead fiancé, so she explains, "That was my crucible." Her crucible was a crucifix? How convenient! They decide they're happy to be talking like people. Well, they're not much like people. Diggle calls and Oliver says he has to go. So long, Helena! Oliver leaves some cash on the table, but Helena doesn't want him to pay. Yeah, if she's the daughter of the mob boss, they're probably eating for free. They agree that neither of them wanted to go out, but they're glad they did. She tells him to be careful with her father.

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