Muse of Fire

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Enter the Huntress

Moira in bed. And in comes John Barrowman! He says that Thea let him in, which again seems like a violation of the whole concept of living in a castle. Someone built this giant stone edifice that can repel hordes of barbarians and you just let people come in the front door? John Barrowman tells Moira that the two of them (and Robert, her dead husband) used to be friends. He says that Moira is a vital part of Starling City's future, but that Robert lost his nerve. So he wants to see if the near-death experience has changed her convictions. He claims that he can see that they haven't, but he says that after she denies it. Then he leaves. Thanks for stopping by, John Barrowman! Incidentally, Moira is displaying no symptoms whatsoever.

Diggle tells Oliver that Nick Salvati "and his goons" are out collecting protection money. And their next stop is Russo's! Oliver thinks this is convenient, because he's there with Helena right now. Diggle accuses him of "speed dating."

Goons (actual canonical goons!) roar into Russo's there and immediately start threatening to break fingers. That's sloppy work, guys. I understand that you want money, but you're not going to get it in the long term by breaking everyone's fingers. But Oliver shoots an arrow into the fuse box and starts breaking it up. But before he can get going, Helena shows up and starts shooting. In a dark room. While wearing a tinted motorcycle helmet. And we've already learned she's not a good shot. So this isn't a safe plan at all! She and Oliver fight each other until Oliver magically removes her helmet with a punch. She runs and he removes his hood in bafflement. Leave the hood on, dummy.

Oliver and Diggle talk about Helena. Dig complains about Oliver possibly falling for Helena because she shot four men in cold blood. Ah, she's a killer, because she shot some mobsters. What does that make Oliver? I guess it's maybe worse because Helena knows the bad guys she's hunting down? Oliver claims he knows what he's doing. Dig: "Now I know how your family feels when you lie to them." See, they're very interested in lies in this episode.

The police go through security camera footage, which is very clear and distinct. I'm kind of surprised Mr. Russo was willing to share his camera with the police, since there are probably mobsters in there all the time. They see the Hood fighting, but he's clearly not the one with the gun. Luckily for Helena and Oliver, their unmasking happened in the one part of the restaurant where the cops couldn't see with the camera. They check earlier in the day, where they see Oliver's date with Helena.

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