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Enter the Huntress

So Detective Queen is at the castle. Oliver answers the door so the policeman tells him, "Your, um, your buddy with the arrows was at Russo's last night." Oliver immediately answers, "And I was there earlier with a date. So... what? You think I'm the Hood guy again?" No, he's here to suggest he stay away from Helena. And he feels this clears the books for almost getting Oliver killed a few weeks ago. I'd like to point out that Oliver has once again done a terrible job of pretending there's any way he's not the Hood.

Tommy interrupts his father, who is fencing. That means his face is covered, so he's almost definitely John Barrowman. Tommy complains about his accounts being frozen. It is, in fact, John Barrowman! He objects to Tommy's "chronic irresponsibility and terminal laziness." What about the giant charity gala he organized last week? Tommy insists that it's his trust fund, but it turns out to be comprised of John Barrowman's money. John Barrowman corrects himself: "Was comprised." Was "composed," actually. The money composes the trust fund; the trust fund comprises the money. And isn't Tommy an adult? This is a weird trust fund.

Some church. Helena sits at the grave of someone named Michael Staton. Oliver walks up, explaining that he followed her. Michael was her fiancé, of course. Laurel laboriously walks us all through the explanation that when Michael died, her love turned into hate. She tells Oliver to stay away from her, which is just like what he said to Laurel. Taste the parallelism! Then a van rolls up and goons jump out and kidnap them both.

Oliver and Helena are sitting in chairs in a warehouse with their hands zip-tied behind them. She tells Nick (the "associate" from earlier, the one that attacked Russo's) that her father is going to kill him. He backhands her. Turns out she dropped her crucifix at the warehouse, so he knows she's the vigilante. Oliver offers money to get out and gets called "Richie Rich." Wrong comic book character! Helena says her father had Michael murdered and Nick says Michael was talking to "the frigging FBI." Nick knows this because he found a laptop in Michael's bag and it was full of evidence. Man, if you're planning on informing on the mob, you should put a password on that. Helena says it was her laptop and she was talking to the FBI. Nicky shrugs that it makes Michael's death her fault. He's got a point! But the important part is that Nick did the shooting.

Nick levels a gun at Helena and Oliver snaps his zip tie and attacks. And Helena also snaps her zip tie! Good for her; I was afraid Oliver was going to have to save her. Oliver uses Nick as a human shield when a goon opens fire. The two heroes pummel some goons and she kills hers. Oliver seems surprised by that and she tells him she didn't have a choice: "No one can know my secret." I was hoping that would mean she was going to kill him next.

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