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Enter the Huntress

The police have no fingerprints, so they don't know who killed Nick Salvati. So it's not clear where their listening device was earlier. They clearly didn't bug Nick. And they didn't bug Frank, because he's the top of the mob pyramid. Did they have Bertinelli Construction bugged? Because that's where Frank does all of his most secret mob business, so they should be able to put together a case by now. Anyway, they decide the Hood didn't do it because "it's been a while since the Hood broke anyone's neck." But they hope Bertinelli blames him anyway, because a war between the mob and the triad would be bad somehow.

Tommy goes to Laurel's apartment. His credit cards and all his accounts have been zeroed out. His car was repossessed and he has to move out of his apartment by the end of the month. Oh, poor ex-billionaire. He probably should have put some money in his own name, right? She says he'll be fine. And she offers up that pizza from earlier, which has been sitting in her refrigerator. That's nice, actually. I mean, I don't feel that bad for Tommy, since all that happened was that he lost a ridiculous amount of money he didn't earn, but at least he has someone to soothe him.

Moira wakes up to the sight of Walter stroking her forehead. Gah! That would creep me right out. He just got back from wherever he went on his pouting trip. He says he was already on his way back when he heard she was hurt. He claims to have missed his wife. So... that subplot's over. Oliver was watching through the door and tells Thea that Walter's back. Thea suddenly apologizes for being a bitch and explains that she's worried about him because he seems lonely. She thinks he should share his secrets with someone.

Helena seems to have just gotten out of the shower when she sees Oliver in her apartment. She already knows he's the vigilante, because she saw him fight. And also: "I saw your eyes. That island changed you in ways that only someone like me could understand." I like the idea that she's the only one who noticed that Oliver's clearly a seething mass of revenge-fueled muscle. Oliver tells her that what she's doing is revenge, not justice. She says that sometimes they're the same thing. Then she asks why his vendetta is more valid than his. She actually says, "We're the same, you and I!" That's an incredibly clich├ęd thing to say, but she's right. In fact, she's so right that I have trouble seeing Oliver's point. It's a shame that his mother got caught in the crossfire, but the only thing distinguishing their deadly vendettas is that he's a better shot.

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