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An Arrowing Experience

Time for a new scene! There's a lady lawyer in a busy legal aid office, and she's involved in a class-action suit against Adam Hunt, who swindled a lot of people. She's got one of those bulletin boards with newspaper clippings connected by string, which is traditionally a signifier for "Crazy Person" but I think she's okay. A television starts blaring the news about Oliver Queen and the shipwreck of The Queen's Gambit and how another of the confirmed dead is Sarah Lance. The woman who's clearly a main character turns off the television, much to the annoyance of the dozen or so people who were watching that. Sorry, extras! If you want to have a say about what gets played on the television, try to be a character who gets some lines.

Oliver is shirtless and muscly as he wanders through his opulent house. That sounds like the first line of a particularly unimaginative piece of fanfic, but I assure you it accurately describes what's happening on the show. He mopes in voiceover: "The face I see in the mirror is a stranger."

Flashback! The boat! The weather! It has started getting rough! Frantic dialogue informs us that the storm is a category 2. Oliver (here called "Ollie") is drinking spirits and sends Sarah back to their cabin. His father tells him this thing with Sarah won't finish well.

Back in the present, Oliver looks at a picture of his father and him. His obnoxious friend Tommy Merlyn comes in and tells him he warned him that yachts stink.

That night, the Queens (and Walter and Tommy) have dinner at an enormous table. Tommy runs down the recent Super Bowl winners for Oliver's benefit. And he claims that on Lost, they were all dead, which is not strictly accurate. Although it reminds me that I think it's interesting that this show has an island actually named "Purgatory." Oliver says the island was cold. And he wants to swing by the office, but Walter is uncomfortable with that and asks when Oliver got so interested in business. Oliver talks to the maid in Russian (he's so good with the help) and deflects the questions with, "I didn't realize you wanted to sleep with my mother, Walter." Awkwardness ensues, but it turns out that Walter already married her. Oliver claims it's fine. "May I be excused?" He may! Tommy reminds him about tomorrow, when they will be hitting the town.

Oliver sleeps in front of an open window so that the rain can drench him. Apparently he's not used to his life of luxury yet. He flashes back to bantering with Sarah in the cabin about how he's an Ivy League dropout. She tells him, "Laurel's gonna kill me." His answer is a smarmy, "Your sister will never know." She's named Laurel? Not Dinah? Phooey.

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