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Archer Fight!

A goon runs in -- I guess he was waiting outside. Oliver still has long chains attached to his wrists, but he's able to use the chains as a weapon. So he breaks the goon's neck. Another one comes in and the same thing happens. Then a goon comes in with a gun. He gets shot... by Diggle! Oliver had a tracking device in his boot. Too bad Diggle couldn't get here two minutes earlier; he could have shot Malcolm.

On the way out, Diggle says that Felicity has found the schematics of the earthquake machine. They call her and she says she's on her way. She's walking along the street, for some reason. But! As soon as she hangs up, Quentin Lance stops her and asks where she's going. The cops!

Interview room. I normally call this the "interrogation chamber" because that sounds cooler, but I see it's actually labeled "Interview Room" on the door. It's the room at the police station where the police lean on suspects. For more information, consult the first episode of Homicide: Life on the Street. Quentin is going to be "interviewing" Felicity because the police hacker found her digital fingerprints last episode. Quentin observes that she's not a hardened criminal. She describes hacking as, "a hobby? That... I do not engage in." Slick! Quentin says that they've investigated her computer at Queen Consolidated, and there's evidence of all the things she hacked this season. You know, like the poison, and the location of Sagittarius. And, he says, "These are all cases involving the Hood." He asks her what he's thinking, and then he takes a call. That's crazy. The people on this show should consider letting their phones go to voicemail more often. He's right in the middle of an interrogation!

But this is the special Arrowphone, which Oliver uses to call him. So after denying that Felicity is his sidekick, Oliver breaks the news, "Malcolm Merlyn plans to level the Glades with a manmade earthquake using technology from UNIDAC industries." Quentin says, "What?" It's an understandable reaction. Oliver tells Quentin to evacuate the Glades, and then he hangs up. Felicity suggests that he has bigger problems than her. Quentin tells her not to leave town. Then she decides to speak on behalf of the vigilante, who is willing to sacrifice for the town. "Kinda makes him a hero... doesn't it?" You know, Felicity, if you want to distance yourself from the vigilante, I would advise you not to give speeches defending him and his tactics.

Club Verdant. Tommy is waiting in the main room for Oliver. Tommy still has a key, I guess. Tommy explains how he went to Laurel's to fight for her, like Oliver told him to, and saw Oliver kissing her. He's justifiably peeved. Oliver wants to talk about the earthquake plot, but Tommy tells him to keep his father out of this. Oliver says their fathers made a plan together to destroy the Glades. He starts to explain that Malcolm is trying to avenge his wife's death, which just results in Tommy saying, "Do not talk about my mother!" He's here to fight with Oliver about Laurel, so he's really not prepared for all this talk about earthquake machines. He tries to punch Oliver, but he misses and falls. Oliver says he didn't find out the truth about his father until it was too late -- but Tommy's always known the man who Malcolm is. Tommy ignores this and tells him, "I wish you would have died on that island."

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