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Archer Fight!

Oliver and Diggle arrive at Malcolm's office. Doesn't he have a home? The SWAT team is dead on the floor. Diggle figures Malcolm has left.


Island. Night. The camp has been destroyed. Oliver shouts for Shado and Slade. No answer. He opens a box and takes out a bow and one arrow. There's Slade! He says, "I should have figured you couldn't save the day without making a mess." Then Fyers shows up with a gun to Shado's head. Oliver says to let her go, which is the sort of thing you're supposed to say in that situation. Fyers complains about a "young playboy" ruining everything. "Playboy!" That's the word I've been trying to think of all season! I used "wastrel" in the first few episodes, but it didn't seem right. Anyway, Fyers offers to call in a rescue ship to let Oliver go home. Will he sacrifice his freedom for Shado? Shado nods at him. He shoots Fyers through the neck, missing Shado by inches. Good shot! Oliver quips, "Guess so." That's not much of a quip, but anything pithy you say after killing a villain automatically counts as quipping. It's in the bylaws.

Back to modern day. Tommy regains consciousness and Oliver runs to him. He doesn't know where Malcolm is, but he's willing to tell Oliver he was right. He asks, "Are you gonna kill him?" Oliver tells him to get to safety. Yeah, and get out of this office because the police will eventually notice that their SWAT team didn't coming back. Diggle spots the false wall to Malcolm's Arrowlair. It contains many bows. And Malcolm! Malcolm says he can easily get to the transmitter, and Diggle shoots at him. There is a very confused fight with the three of them in a small area that's hard to follow, and Malcolm throws a knife into Diggle's torso. Oliver runs after Malcolm onto the roof. Malcolm asks if he's ready to go.

Felicity is in the Arrowlair and she's on the phone with Quentin. He says he doesn't even know what he's looking for, but then he spots this canister that's glowing blue. So that's probably it. I don't know why Felicity didn't go to the subway, since staying in the Arrowlair (which is also in the Glades) is just as dangerous. Felicity tells Quentin to look for a circuit board and a timer. They have seven minutes, and she says it's going to be a paperweight in three. Upstairs, rioters loot the Glades. Roy runs into an alley, where there are three muggers and a victim. He busts up two of them. The third has a gun, but Thea smashes a bottle on his head. Thanks, Thea! She's here to rescue him. Time to go!

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