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Archer Fight!

Laurel is alive! Oliver rides his motorcycle through the streets. Laurel wails that she needs someone to help her. Tommy shows up. Hi, Tommy! She wonders why he's here and he doesn't really have time to explain. "I love you," he says, as he lifts the concrete slab off her. Nice job, Tommy! Laurel gets out and runs into Quentin's arms. The building collapses behind her. Quentin holds her back from running back in to save Tommy. Oliver rides around some debris on the street via a very convenient halfpipe and gets into the building through the back door. He finds Tommy! He pulls concrete off him, and I can't make out whatever it is Tommy's mumbling. He's got a piece of metal sticking through his stomach, so he's in serious trouble. Oliver assures him he saved Laurel. Tommy says he's sorry he was jealous. He says, "I am my father." Oliver disagrees. He asks if Oliver killed Malcolm. Oliver says he didn't, and Tommy thanks him. Then Tommy dies. I told you that would happen. Why don't you trust me? Oliver says it should have been him, but I think that would be a bad idea, dramatically speaking.

We see a helicopter checking out the wreckage. Aaaaand... that's it. All questions of aftermath (and what The List had to do with the Undertaking) will have to wait until next season. Arrow out!

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