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The Case of the Rival Vigilante

Laurel comes home to see her parents (Dinah and Quentin) have set up a command center. I can tell it's a command center because there are maps and newspaper articles tacked up on the wall. If they were connected with lengths of colored string, it would be a Crackpot Wall, but they haven't gone that far. Dinah has been on the phone with the consulate in Phuket, although there's been no sign that Thailand has anything to do with anything. It turns out that Laurel was hoping her father would get her mother to accept that Sarah's dead. Well, she should have told him that. Their only lead is the picture that Dinah brought, which shows a woman wearing a hat that Sarah had. It's weird that they have this picture but don't know where it was then or who took it. Laurel leaves.

Guess where Diggle and Oliver have gone for dinner! Right: Big Belly Burger. That place must have amazing food since you'd think a billionaire could have his choice of anything he wanted. And now that I think about it, the Arrowlair is directly below Club Verdant, which must have pretty good food itself. Remember how the applicants to be head chef allegedly included Top Chef winner Michael Voltaggio? Even if that's not who they got, there's some world-class chef on staff. Diggle says that Oliver's been vigilante-ing a lot lately, and Oliver says that he doesn't need a personal life. Just then, all the phones in the restaurant go off and start playing a video of John Nichol with duct tape over his mouth. A scrambled voice lectures everyone about how bad John Nichol is. He asks Nichol why he shouldn't be punished. Once the duct tape is removed, Nichol's excuse is that without his terrible buildings, people would have been on the street. Oliver calls Felicity and tells her to track the message. The disguised voice says, "I find you guilty." Bang! John Nichol gets shot. Then the voiceover says, "There are plenty more people who need to pay for their crimes. So... who's next?" I'm not sure there's a huge difference between "I find you guilty" and "You have failed this city."

Arrowlair again. Felicity is having trouble breaking into this guy's websites. I don't think she meant to say "websites," actually. The point is that whatever hacking he used to broadcast directly to all the cellphones in town left some sort of trail, but she can't follow it all the way. Diggle's contacts say the perp's a guy codenamed "The Savior," who used to live in the Glades. The video starts up again automatically and now he's got Assistant District Attorney Gavin Carnahan. He's the one who decided not to prosecute John Nichol. The Savior mentions the time the DA wouldn't convict the thugs who killed his wife in a bodega. And that's pretty easy to look up, so Felicity reports that he's Joseph Falk. It wasn't really worth having a code name if he was just going to get a real name right away.

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