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The Case of the Rival Vigilante

Flashback Island. Fyers and his goons are having a meeting with Slade and Oliver in the woods. Fyers says he's happy they've made an accord. Slade is not delighted about the prospect of small talk. Oliver says he's hidden the circuit board somewhere on the island, and he'll tell Fyers where it is when he's off the island. Fyers brings up Yao Fei and Yao Fei's daughter. I don't mean he mentions them; he literally brings them into the clearing. He demands the circuit board immediately or he'll kill the daughter. Oliver realizes this is why Yao Fei wouldn't leave when he had the chance.

CNRI. Quentin and Dinah are here to see Laurel. She explains that she called a friend at the Chinese Embassy and she's found the girl from the photo. Is it that easy? "Here's a picture of someone somewhere in the world. You work at the Chinese Embassy. Do you recognize her? Great!" And here she is: her name is Jen. She says it's her in the photo. She was on an island called "Salvation" in Mandarin. Dinah is overwhelmed and runs off. Quentin looks disappointed.

Thea comes to Roy's house. Roy is wearing a black hoodie, because he's going out to be a criminal. He's got a long defensive speech about how he has to be a criminal because he's in the Glades. And then! Someone sticks a hypo in his neck! Right in front of Thea! And his gun is empty so he can't defend himself! He's loaded into a car! Thea got thrown to the ground and is distraught. You can see why.

The only television news in town reports that the mystery kidnapper is broadcasting again. He's got Roy Harper! And that seems like lowering his sights significantly, even though he lists Roy's crimes as larceny, robbery and aggravated assault. It looks like Roy's wrists are duct-taped to the ceiling or something. He's definitely restrained with duct tape somehow. Tommy's showing this on the big screen at Verdant, which seems like a weird decision. Not quite as weird as the TV station deciding to run footage that will almost certainly end with somebody getting murdered on live television, but it's still not the ideal backdrop for a hip nightclub. Tommy says he knows Roy, but I don't think he ever met him. Thea runs in in a panic. Oliver promises her that Roy will be okay.

Malcolm calls Moira to tell her that a high-ranking member of the Triad has been arrested, and he's going to tell them who paid to have him killed. That's the WHOLE SCENE.

Laurel's house. Dinah's not giving up looking for Sarah, even though the one reason they had to believe she was alive was a mistake. Quentin shouts a bit about how Sarah's definitely gone. Laurel looks at the picture and asks how her mother knew that Sarah had her Starling City Rockets hat with her on the boat. Dinah says she came home early that day and saw Sarah put her hat in a bag. She was packing to go on the Queen's Gambit with Oliver. Sarah said she had to follow her heart, which Dinah clarifies is, "Just like I told her I once did." Now everyone's acting so hard! There are tears everywhere! Dinah wails, "I killed her! I killed our baby!" Quentin holds her.

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