The Huntress Returns

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Star-Crossbowed Lovers

Detective Lance is cleaning out McKenna's desk when Dinah comes in. He takes out the picture of Sarah and says he's ready to listen to her theory.

Club Verdant. Which is not all that green, actually. Oliver's sitting in the dark when Tommy comes in and asks if he's okay. He says he couldn't understand how Oliver could keep such a big secret, and Oliver moans about how hard it is to lie to the people closest to him. He says he was wrong to think he could still have a normal life. Tommy says he won't be happy if he's alone. Oliver agrees, but adds, "But me being happy isn't what's important right now."

Flashback Island. Slade says it's Oliver's plan, so he gets to do the talking. Oliver radios Fyers to tell him they have the circuit board. Fyers says his men are scouring the island for them. Not very well, they're not; Oliver and Slade are about a hundred yards away. Oliver offers to trade the circuit board for a way off the island. If I were Fyers, I would be happy to get Oliver out of the way. Or I'd just get another circuit board. I guess that's also an option.

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