The Odyssey

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Welcome to Flashback Island

Side note: Wintergreen is Slade's butler in the comics.

Anyway! Slade has a story about how he and Billy were here to rescue Yao Fei, but they got caught by Fyers. Billy was the godfather to Slade's son and he turned his back on him. This leads to Slade's guiding life philosophy: Everyone is in it for themselves.

They reach the airfield. Oliver has a machete and is supposed to go kill one guy. Slade has ten to kill. Remember how Slade claimed that the airfield was a two-man job? I guess this is what he was talking about. Everyone knows that one man can't kill eleven guards. Ten, sure. But eleven? You need a backup.

Back to modern day, Diggle stitches up Oliver's shoulder wound while Felicity pokes around the Arrowlair. She points out that Oliver's cover stories were never all that convincing. Like that "hangover cure" that was really Vertigo. Diggle casually says they needed it analyzed, so they could take down the count. "That was you?" she asks and I don't see how she can be surprised. Diggle says even Oliver needs help sometimes.

Back to the island. Slade starts shooting guards with his sniper rifle, while Oliver hides behind some boxes. When he darts out, he sees a bad guy and hides again. Is it fair to call these guys bad guys? They're just low-level goons on airfield duty, really. Slade carefully takes out the guards, including one on the steps of the tower. Oliver finally climbs up the steps and peeps in the window. Slade kills four more with his machete. Oliver's target is wearing headphones and doing something on a computer. He's supposed to sneak in and kill him before he radios for help. Instead, Oliver sneaks in and gets punched in the face. The guard takes out a gun and Oliver tries that disarm move. It does not work.

Modern day Oliver is having a seizure! And then his heart stops! Felicity wants to call 911, but Diggle has some crash paddles. They don't work at first, which is either an electrical problem or because he didn't say "Clear." Felicity fixes the machine and then Diggle says "Clear" every time he uses the paddles. Oliver is fixed. Felicity explains that "wires are wires" so it wasn't that hard to fix.

Back to the tower in the flashback! The guard reaches for a phone and then Slade kills him. He complains about Oliver being useless, which he is. It turns out one man can kill eleven nameless, faceless guards. He tells Oliver to stay in the tower with the door locked. Oliver gets to keep the pistol, but he's warned not to shoot himself by mistake. He's clearly been demoted to "useless sidekick." Slade's off to go kill more guys and Oliver picks up the phone. He pushes a bunch of buttons and Laurel answers. Gasp! Oliver stands there without talking for awhile and Slade comes back in to bust the phone up. It might be bugged! Then the radio reports that the plane will be there in three hours. Slade acknowledges, and the pilot says, "Of all creatures that breathe and move upon the Earth." Slade asks them to repeat, like he's going to guess the answer. Oliver is delighted that they picked the one book he read in college. It's from The Odyssey and the rest of the quote is "nothing is born that is weaker than man." No, wait! It's "bred," not "born." Slade is skeptical, but he says it into the radio. It's a good thing Oliver read the exact translation they were using. Oh, and Slade is planning on "radioing in an air strike" on Fyers's camp as soon as he gets home.

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