The Odyssey

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Welcome to Flashback Island

Back in the plane (the wrecked one they live in, not the flying one they missed), Oliver digs the bullet out of Slade's arm with a knife. Oliver doesn't puke, but that's because he swallowed it. Slade has Oliver untie him. He felt he needed to be restrained because he might kill Oliver. Oliver laughs suddenly because he's stranded on an island and his only friend is named Wilson. That's not great a joke. Slade says Fyers is working for someone. Then Slade suddenly accepts Oliver as an equal because he's tough now.

On his side of the island, Fyers is on a radio talking to his unknown superior. Whoever this is has paid Fyers a lot of money. Yao Fei comes up. He's being granted five minutes with his daughter. She has a dragon tattoo on her left shoulder. It's not that interesting, but the camera lingers on it so you know it's important.

Modern Oliver wakes up. He comments, "I guess I didn't die. Again. Cool." He checks out the wound in a mirror and wonders how he'll cover for it this time. My guess is he'll make up some terrible excuse that people accept for no reason. Felicity reports that the police have a sample of his blood, so she's hacked into their systems and had them destroy it. Also, she upgraded his computer. She's not on the team yet; she just upgraded it because it hurt her to see such a poorly networked system. She's willing to help rescue Walter, but then she wants to go back to being an IT girl. Then she asks where the bathroom is. I like her! She has skills that Oliver doesn't, which makes her more useful than Diggle. I don't have anything against Diggle, but he's been made out to be a fighter who's not as good at it as Oliver. And he almost never goes on missions, which makes his combat skills even more useless. Oliver shakes Felicity's hand and thanks her. When she's out of the room, Diggle wonders if they can protect her. After all, Moira just shot Oliver. Oliver thinks that bad people don't beg on behalf of their children, so Moira must be good. And he's angry that Moira's under suspicion in the first place since they don't even know what they're investigating. He insists that Moira is off limits. Diggle acquiesces, but he asks if Oliver's afraid she might be guilty. And then we see that Oliver has that same dragon tattoo on his shoulder! Gasp!

Castle Queen. Oliver walks in and claims he was in the club all night. Moira and Thea are talking to Detective Lance about the attack from the beginning of the episode. Oliver asks if they got a blood sample from the scene and Lance tells him about the "screw-up at the lab." Lance leaves and Moira hugs Oliver. "I promise you he's never gonna bother you again." How can he promise that? This guy is bad at secret identities.

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