The Undertaking

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Very Nearly Endgame

Felicity knocks at Diggle's door. It's a nice place. He tells her he doesn't need a relationship counselor for him and Oliver. She disagrees, and adds that she wants him to help find Walter. Then she launches into the real talk portion of the scene: "Look, I know Oliver didn't help you find your brother's killer, and that hurts. That sucks." But Oliver would be there if his life was on the line. Sure, but if nothing less than that matters, the heck with him. She says Oliver needs Diggle, but he'll never admit he's wrong. Diggle says Oliver will need to say that himself. Felicity leaves. I'm not convinced Oliver actually needs Diggle. Since he's been on the team, he hasn't really contributed much. And Oliver has been shown to be better at single combat than him. Aside from the time Diggle pretended to be the vigilante to get Oliver out of jail, he's mostly just hung around the Arrowlair and complained about Deadshot.

Laurel walks into the offices of Merlyn Global Group, where Tommy is surprisingly easy to find. He's right next to the elevator? Shouldn't the boss's son have an office? Or at least work where you need a keycard to get to? He doesn't want to listen to her, but she insists that their relationship should end with honesty. He tells her, "Okay, Laurel. Honestly? You belong with Oliver. He's still in love with you." Hey! Show? Over here. Oliver and Laurel have NO chemistry together. At all. I'm not at all interested in them getting together. At least Tommy has charisma. Or he did before his heel turn and he got shoved off the screen. Now that he's not dating Laurel or talking to Oliver, he might as well not be on the show at all.

Oliver and Felicity are getting ready for the casino caper. The plan is for her to get caught counting cards so she can receive a friendly warning from Alonzo and plant a bug on him. That seems dangerous. Real casinos give friendly warning. Underground casinos break your thumbs or something.

Felicity is dressed up really nicely, which is good because the casino has people in tuxedos. This underground casino has a dress code? She reports the layout to Oliver and complains about the lack of slot machines. She really shouldn't be using a two-way ear radio. That's definitely against the rules. She tells him, "It feels really good having you inside me." Ew. Everyone's grossed out now, even though she meant the earpiece.

Felicity sits at the blackjack table and hands over a wad cash. "One stack of high society, please," she says, and I don't know what that means. I assume it's a cool way to ask for chips.

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