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Thea and Moira are in the back of a limousine, talking fondly about dresses and dead family members. Malcolm calls Moira, who wants to stall him. Thea pouts that they were supposed to spend the day together, but Moira claims she has to go fill out CEO paperwork. If she's pretending she wasn't just talking to Malcolm, she probably should have hidden the phone's screen, since it said "MALCOLM" in huge letters. And there was a picture of Malcolm. Thea is whiny because her mother promised to spend the day with her.

CNRI. Tommy tells Laurel that his father has invited them to dinner, which we already knew about. I don't see why we need exposition about things the audience saw happen. They decide to go. This scene was not, in my opinion, essential.

It's nighttime at Q Consolidated. So I don't know why Moira couldn't have spent a few more hours with her daughter, riding around in a limousine and buying absurdly expensive clothing. Malcolm tells Moira there's a problem with Carl Ballard, who's going to gentrify the Glades. For some reason, their secret organization doesn't want that done. I don't know what's involved in glade-gentrification, but I assume it involves alligators in little top hats. Moira wants proof that Walter's still alive before she's willing to move on Carl. The scene ends awkwardly. But Thea's hiding behind a wall and she saw everything!

Ted and Diggle are at Big Belly Burger, and Ted's blustering about how awful it is to be a bodyguard for rich idiots. Carly (Diggle's ex-sister-in-law) flirts a bit in the course of her waitress duties. Paul Knox, a mean-looking bald man, comes in and says it's good to be working with Diggle. He got recruited when his tour ended and Ted says he deserves a chance to prove he's changed. So at this point, we've got Ted (seems like a nice guy) and Paul (seems mean).

Oliver is at home and can't get through the security on this Blackhawk thumbdrive that he stole. It's nice to know that he's got some weaknesses. Thea barges in and tells him that Moira is "hooking up with Tommy's dad." She's got supporting evidence: a couple of months before Oliver and his father went on their doomed voyage, Moira was chatting it up with Malcolm. Oliver is confident that she'd never cheat on either their father or Walter. Thea says she's a liar and a cheater, and that Oliver doesn't know her at all.

Castle Queen. Which I guess was where we were in the last scene. But now it's later, because Oliver has gone straight to Moira with Thea's accusations. He wants to know what was going on with Malcolm and why she was fighting with his father. She says that Robert cheated on her and that he wasn't the man that Oliver thought he was. And she wants to keep his image clean for Thea, so he's not allowed to tell her that. Oliver cautiously asks if she's seen Malcolm recently. She says she occasionally asks for advice, but that's it.

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