Trust but Verify

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Thea's at a big crazy party. It sounds like a rave and it's happening at Castle Queen. They throw a lot of parties, don't they? And the people at these parties never pay much attention to their hosts. Anyway, Thea got her car. Of course. Oliver says she's beautiful. Diggle shows up and tells Oliver he was with Ted the whole time during the heist and he'd put his money on Knox. Diggle goes off to check out the Blackhawk motor pool for suspicious pools of blood. Oliver slips something under Diggle's lapel and mumbles something I can't make out even after rewinding several times. Stop mumbling!

Two girls give Thea drugs called "Vertigo," which they say will make her feel "all floaty." She goes upstairs to stash them. And she sees Malcolm and Moira, who can't find any place better to do this? They've got a whole castle and they do their secret business in full view of the enormous party going on downstairs? Malcolm's showing Moira a picture of Walter to prove he's alive. Thea throws a standard tantrum and tells Moira she wishes it had been her on that boat. Then she looks significantly at the drugs in her hand.

Walter strolls through the Blackhawk motor pool with a flashlight. One of the SUVs has blood on it! And the Blackhawk sticker comes off! Paul Knox is there with a gun. He was expecting Diggle, because right after he was hired, someone hacked their firewall. And Ted is there, too! He was a bad guy all along! Ben Browder, how could you?

Diggle is shocked that Ted's part of this. Ted explains, "My men, my mission." Eh? That doesn't explain anything! Anyway, he doesn't like being a nanny with a taser, which is how he describes being a bodyguard. Tonight was supposed to be the last mission, but now they're down a man. So they're going to make Diggle do the job! Diggle objects, so one of them drags Carly in. They don't hesitate to take hostages, do they? Oliver's still at the party, but he's listening in on an earpiece, which must be pretty good if he can hear in that big rave.

Diggle, wearing a gas mask, walks into the street. He prepares to shoot at the oncoming armored car. But he doesn't and it flies by him. The rest of the heist team is waiting in a nearby car. Paul tells him that he's going to watch them kill Carly. But Diggle sensibly points out that he's the one with the grenade launcher. Kapow! Boom! Carly gets out of there and everybody scatters. Paul is on the ground, gasping for breath. Ted runs after Carly and Diggle runs after Ted. Knox grabs a rifle. Oliver shoots it out of his hand and they scuffle.

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