Unfinished Business

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The Revenge of Count Vertigo

Now Quentin has gone to the local insane asylum to interrogate Count Vertigo. As you might remember, the drug vertigo is some kind of crazy chemical concoction that's always changing and can only be created by this one guy. The doctor who's showing Quentin around has some nonsense science to explain why all the Count will do is babble. As they go up the stairs, a big orderly looks around awkwardly, and then we see Oliver run past a window.

The Count is on his bed in his poorly lit room, reciting poetry or something: "Here I was born and there I died. 'Twas only a moment for you. You took no notice." That's some comic-book style insanity right there. Then Oliver swoops out of the darkness and shoves him against the wall. Oliver demands to know where the new vertigo supply is coming from. The Count doesn't really answer, although he eventually recognizes Oliver and switches to shouting, "You have failed this city!" This is when Quentin and the doctor come to unlock the Count's room. The windows are all covered with a heavy metal screen, and this is the only door. So it's a good thing they don't go in because there's no way Oliver could have gotten out. But then they lock the door again, and Oliver shows up across the street. I really don't think they've justified any way Oliver got in and out of that room.

Flashback Island. Location: the big and obvious wrecked airplane that is somehow serving as a hideout. Slade is sparring with Yao Fei's daughter Shado. She explains that she learned to fight because, "My father wanted a son." Slade says, "He got one." I think he means that as a compliment, but it's kind of a weird message. Oliver is off to the side, playing with a bow and whining. She warns him that it's a 150-pound pull. It doesn't really look like it, since he's pulling the string back with one finger.

Diggle sits alone moping about his brother being killed by the same guy who just killed a Senator. He's at Carly's place. Her son wants "Uncle John" to sing to him. Then the kid gets shooed away. Carly and Diggle have a discussion about boring stuff while the sad music almost drowns out the dialogue. Diggle gets a call from Oliver and has to go.

Arrowlair. Diggle thinks he was summoned because of that mystery logo they're supposed to be looking at. But today it's about all the vertigo. Oliver claims that it's all over the streets in the last few months, and it's more addictive and more unstable than last time. Is a few months really enough time to determine how addictive something is? And if it's really super-addictive, won't there be repercussions when they pull it completely off the streets? Oliver says it killed a girl in the club although she wasn't in the club and really it was the car that did it. I feel like they wanted to have a super-dangerous drug for plot purposes, but the effects we've seen make it look basically like ecstasy. It's certainly nowhere near heroin or PCP. Oliver says the Count is incoherent and he was the only one who knew the formula for vertigo. Felicity comes in to show them a television news segment about someone escaping the Starling City Mental Hospital. She couldn't be bothered to say anything; she just walked to the computer and pushed the "stream the local television news" button. So Count Vertigo has apparently escaped! Oliver flips over a table.

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