Unfinished Business

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The Revenge of Count Vertigo

Quentin is back at the hospital to ask what happened with the supposedly helpless Count Vertigo suddenly escaping. The doctor says he got overpowered. He's surprised he was so fooled by the Count's babbling. Quentin would like to check the security footage, but there are no cameras there because of "budget cuts." You know, the kind of budget cuts that involve existing camera being removed? They establish that the dead woman's last text message was to Tommy Merlyn, who had earlier claimed he didn't know her. Quentin's assistant policeman says that maybe Tommy is dealing drugs to maintain his old lifestyle. His old lifestyle was "billionaire wastrel who deals drugs on the side." Since he's been cut off from daddy's money, I would think he probably can't make up the difference just by dealing drugs. Quentin thinks that's a stretch and also that Laurel would stop speaking to him if he went after Tommy. But the other cop says he got a subpoena for the clubs bank accounts and there are ten thousand dollars missing. It's easier than I thought to look at a company's bank accounts! Club Verdant probably isn't even a publicly traded company.

A seedy drug operation. A hooded figure walks in and hands over some money for some drugs. On the way out, we see that it's Diggle! Back at the Arrowlair, he complains that the person of color had to buy the drugs. Felicity claims to have volunteered, which is totally out of character for her. She's supposed to stay off the streets so there's someone to be shocked when things get rough. She also says that the "monofilament strips" they put in the money are giving them a trackable signal. It's nonsense, but at least it's Felicity-like nonsense.

So she has a map on her computer showing exactly where the money is. Oliver tells her to follow the money, since they think it'll all end up in a big pile in the Count's secret lair. When Oliver leaves, Felicity tells Diggle she has some information on Deadshot. She says it isn't much, but she has a lead on the guy who books all of his hits. How is that not much? This person must contact Deadshot all the time. Just watch him for a couple of months and there you go. Diggle takes the information, but he says not to bother Oliver. This is personal! Because Deadshot killed his brother. But he did that long ago, well before the series started, so it's a little weird that Diggle has suddenly decided this is the most important thing in the world.

Quentin goes to Laurel's place. It's also technically Tommy's place, since he got thrown out of his old place when Malcolm cut him off. Quentin says the last text off the dead woman's phone was to Tommy. We see Tommy's phone and here's the text history:

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