Unfinished Business

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Monty Ashley: B- | 3 USERS: A-
The Revenge of Count Vertigo

Todd Pittson, Oliver Queen, M. Bunting, V. Sparks, Felicity Smoak, Thea Queen, S. Barile, Laurel Lance, B. McGuire, Michael Offer

Well, we recognize some of those names. And Barry McGuire is the guy who wrote "Eve of Destruction," although this might be a different B. McGuire. The woman we're talking about is Veronica Sparks. And her text says, "Can you hook me up?" Tommy says he never saw this text and doesn't know her, even though her picture is in his phone. Quentin switches gears and asks where that ten grand went. Laurel tells Tommy not to say anything. Oh, right! She's a lawyer! And she's absolutely right to tell Tommy to shut up. When Quentin leaves Tommy goes off to sulk. Tommy, Laurel wasn't saying she doesn't believe you. She was telling you that in her professional opinion, you should talk to your lawyer before the blabbing to the cops.

Oliver is hanging out in an alley. He has a Bluetooth earpiece (because when you're a wanted criminal, you definitely want to use the least secure technology you can find) and looks in a puddle. He flashes back to the plane on the island. Shado pours some water in a bowl and tells him to slap the water. She quotes Lao-Tze about a journey of a thousand miles starting with a single step, and Oliver thinks it's Confucius. So Oliver's true training starts: he has to slap some water in a bowl.

Oliver breaks out of his reverie because Felicity is calling him. She says the money has stopped moving, so they've reached the end of the trail. She texts him the location: 47.6097˚ N, 122.3331˚ W. If you're interested, that is in the lovely city of Seattle, Washington. It's not my house, unfortunately, so I can't quite claim it as a shout-out. It's just east of Westlake Park, on Sixth Avenue between University and Union. But in Starling City, it's next to the docks. Oliver gets on his motorcycle.

Some homeless guys are around a barrel fire when some nice cars pull up. One dude comes out with baggies full of vertigo capsules. A voice from the back of a car says giving it away is good for business. It is? Well, I guess if it's as addictive as people say, it's a valid business model. The deal is busted up by Oliver shooting the bag out of the dealer's hand. Then he slides down a convenient ramp and shoots a few more arrows. A car explodes! That car appears to have been made out of dynamite. Oliver rolls under a shipping container to avoid getting run over.

And that's the end of that scene! Because after a commercial break, we're at the Starling City Aquarium. A twitchy bearded homeless-looking guy tells the starfish not to forget to breathe. A woman is a little freaked out by him. Then he grabs a security guard's gun and starts shouting and everyone freaks! This is some of the "instability" that vertigo causes, I guess. If we saw more of this sort of thing, the drug would feel more scary.

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