Unfinished Business

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The Revenge of Count Vertigo

At the Arrowlair, Felicity has hacked the aquarium's security system. Unlike the mental hospital, it has security cameras! And they're high-resolution and full-color and pointed directly at whatever Felicity wants to look at. And they're connected to the Internet, I guess, since Felicity is looking at them. Either the mental hospital is drastically underfunded or this is a very successful aquarium. The guy with the gun apparently popped some green and purple pills earlier. Oliver starts to do some chemistry, which Felicity raises an eyebrow at. Oliver has decided that a brew made from his magic island herbs will counteract the effects of vertigo. Even though he doesn't know what's in vertigo; these herbs just counteract anything. I would suggest that he try setting up a rooftop garden or something, because you don't want to run out of something like this. Oliver tells Felicity he has no intention of killing this guy just for taking vertigo. However, he blames himself for not killing the Count last time. He grouses, "The city is on fire! So clearly it wasn't the right decision." He runs out and tells her to call Diggle.

Oh! What if Oliver started putting an extract from the herbs in all of his club's drinks? It nullifies the effects of drugs, right? He could ensure that no one in his club is high!

Diggle's got his own thing. He ignores the call from Felicity because he's meeting an old army buddy with Argus who's two days from shipping out to Pyongyang. He guesses that Deadshot is on Argus's most wanted list. He tells her Deadshot's real name: Floyd Lawton. And he's got the information on Deadshot's agent. She asks what Diggle's interest is, and he makes up an excuse. He just broke this case wide open and she doesn't even thank him!

Quentin comes to Tommy at the club and asks about Eric Mesner, who's a notoriously corrupt zoning commissioner. Hey, you're a cop, isn't that something you should have taken care of before now? What's the deal with having notoriously corrupt officials around the place? Quentin says that Tommy gave Eric ten thousand dollars to skip the inspection of the nightclub. That's dumb! The club is owned by a billionaire. He should be fronting the bribe money in cash himself instead of letting Tommy take it out of the official accounts. So Quentin wants to look around to find out what Tommy was hiding. Tommy says he can go get a search warrant. Quentin asks, "You sure this is how you want to play this?" Yes, he is. He's totally allowed to demand a search warrant.

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