Unfinished Business

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The Revenge of Count Vertigo

The aquarium guy shoots randomly and pops handfuls of vertigo. He's having himself a spree! From a dark corner, Oliver shoots the gun out of his hand. He runs! Oliver chases! They find themselves backstage, which is full of giant pipes. I've never been backstage at an aquarium, but I guess that makes sense. Oliver shoots a pipe and the water spray knocks the guy down. Before Oliver can give him the antidote he dies. Gasp!

Flashback! Shado is doing a handstand in the lotus position. This is where Oliver learned to be an outrageous show-off. Oliver brings up the question of why Fyers wants Yao Fei around. We see Shado's tattoo again, which reminds me that Oliver is supposed to have gotten the same tattoo at some point. She says that Yao Fei was a general in the People's Army, so Fyers wants him as a scapegoat. According to Shado, the Chinese military massacred people and then used Yao Fei as a scapegoat. She looked for him for months and couldn't find him. But then someone came to her apartment and said they had a lead on him. And she got tased and woke up on the island, which means she was unconscious for like twelve hours. She refills the bowl of water so Oliver can keep slapping it. Oliver says Yao Fei is still a good man. He's basing that on the times Yao Fei was nice to him, not the times Yao Fei sold him out. Back to slapping!

Club Verdant. Laurel comes in to complain that Tommy stood her up for a dinner date. They kiss. Oliver goes past, looking harassed. And then! Quentin comes in with a search warrant. I would have thought the penalty for being caught bribing a city official would be that your club gets shut down and you get thrown in jail, but apparently it's just a misdemeanor in Starling City. Oliver wants to know the grounds for this search warrant, even though Laurel says it's legit. Quentin explains that pulled the county records and knows about the secret level in the building. Hmm. You might almost think that keeping your secret lair in the same building as a popular nightclub is a BAD IDEA. Quentin tells Oliver to open the door. This wouldn't happen if it were properly disguised. Oliver tells him he's making a mistake. The music gets exciting and they pause for so long it's obviously time for a commercial break.

When we come back, Oliver opens the door by typing 141 on the keypad. Feel free to make up your own crazy theory on what that could mean. I already did that Google Maps search earlier. Everyone goes down to the Arrowlair... but the Arrowlair's not there! There's a bunch of pallets and boxes of alcohol and stuff. This is now where they keep the spare velvet ropes. Quentin is mad that they didn't have anything to hide. So why, he asks, did they bribe the inspector? Tommy says the ventilation system is below code. Quentin and his cops leave in a huff. And then Laurel and Tommy don't break up! I find that interesting because I expected her to be mad at him for no real reason.

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