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Starcrossed Murderers

Castle Queen. Walter is going out to the office while Moira complains about him leaving so soon after he came home from Australia. She also complains about how little they've talked and reminds everyone about how she had Robert's yacht salvaged and hidden. Then Thea asks for a ride to school, so it's time to go.

Bertinelli House. Frank soothes Nick's widow as Helena vacantly claims that Nick was like a brother to her. The widow leaves, and the doorbell immediately rings. Frank is surprised that the new visitor is Oliver, not the widow, which is weird, because the doors are glass. He's right there! Oliver isn't here to discuss business, so Frank creepily says, "This is one merger I won't stand in the way of." So he's in favor of his daughter having sex with Oliver Queen. Got it. Helena claims she's not interested, but she leaves with Oliver anyway.

Oliver has taken Helena to a cemetery to see Sara Lance's grave. Oliver tells her his backstory about how he was sleeping with Sara while dating her sister: "I brought her on the yacht and she died. Right in front of me." He mopes about what a bad person he used to be and Helena holds his hand. She tells him, "Oliver, I... I wanna let you in. Michael was the last man I opened up to. I can't be hurt again." This is the worst version of the Huntress ever. Too mopey! Not enough kill-y! Oliver promises not to hurt her, so he's definitely going to shoot her by the end of the season, right?

Arrowlair. Oliver is teaching Helena archery, which mostly involves relaxing and breathing. She's a little impatient and Oliver tells her, "I'm trying to teach you something." She snaps back, "What, the least effective way to shoot people?" Seriously. She's already got guns! Those are a perfectly acceptable way to kill people and also a lot more portable. Then he does some trick shots where she throws things in the air and he hits them. He even shoots a tennis ball out of her hand, which is dangerous. But his big move these days is shooting weapons out of people's hands, so I guess he has to practice. He shows her the Notebook. She flips through it and immediately spots Anthony Venza, an associate of her father who works with prescription pills. So now that Venza's on the magical list, is she allowed to kill him? Diggle comes in and Oliver introduces him. Then Helena leaves.

Once she's gone, Diggle is not happy about Helena knowing his name. He also correctly objects to Oliver sleeping with her, since that's the sort of thing that can bias your judgment. Oliver doesn't listen to the lecture. Then Diggle leaves in something of a snit.

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