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Starcrossed Murderers

Felicity comes to Walter's office at night and turns the lights off to make it look cooler. And she's got some fancy glasses that, um, "pick up the sub-visible variations in the UV spectrum." And this will shock you: the notebook is full of names!

Castle Queen. Oliver stares out the window. We see a servant briefly in the background, which I mention because we hardly ever see those guys. Tommy comes in and breaks the news about being cut off. Oliver, quite reasonably, asks why he didn't say anything before and offers to share money from his own trust fund. Hey, dummy. Pull some of that money out and secure it. Tommy says he wants a job because he doesn't want to be what he was. Oliver offers him the position of General Manager. Of what? Your club doesn't exist! You really want a bunch of construction workers swarming around the Arrowlair?

Oliver has a feeling that he'll be seeing Helena again. And there she is on the motorcycle. So he's probably right.

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