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The War on Drugs

Back to the island. There's a big ring of people watching Deathstroke pummel someone. Then he kills him. Oliver is pushed forward to be the next combatant. General Fyers calls Oliver "our newest recruit," which is interesting.

Oliver carries the victim out, while Diggle expresses surprise at him killing so easily. Oliver dumps the victim in the trunk. Then he touches him under the chin, and the victim's alive! So Oliver knows a lot about magic nerve points, then. He wants Diggle to get this guy a new life in some other city so the Bratva won't know he's not dead. And then they can go meet The Count and follow him to his hideout. He probably has a hideout, right?

The Russian goon is on the phone with the Count. He reports that Oliver is definitely Bratva, and definitely has money. We see the duffel bag in the background, and I guess it's supposed to be a big reveal that it was full of cash. Oliver isn't mentioned by name. The Count is interested!

Castle Queen. Laurel tells Thea that her father got the judge to back off to "five hundred hours of community service and two years of probation." Why is she the one with this news? Where's that lawyer? Thea says that no one asked her to get involved, but Oliver says he did that very thing. Anyway, this deal is provisional on the court appointing Laurel to act in loco parentis. What? But Thea has an actual parent! Thea declines this offer, even though Oliver tries to force her. Laurel shrugs and leaves so Oliver can yell at Thea about how she's ruining the rest of her life. Thea explains, "I wanna ruin mom's life. She's a liar and a cheat." That's dumb and unconvincing. But she's a drug-addled teen, so I'll allow it. Oliver decides to break the news that, in fact, their father cheated on Moira. He relates their father's dying words, which were all about how he wasn't the man everybody thought he was. Thea stomps out. And then Moira's standing there, saying, "How dare you?" Then Moira leaves so Diggle can come in. The Russians have called! The meeting is tonight!

The Russian goon says The Count got that name because when he was developing the drug, he'd experiment on homeless people. And their bodies would be found with holes in their necks! Then The Count shows up. He says he's not concerned about the police. Oliver's story is that he's opening a nightclub and wants something nice for the clientele. Diggle hands over some duffel bags of cash. The Count has some pills and claims that 56 people died to make them.

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