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The War on Drugs

Arrowlair. Diggle reports Felicity has determined that the water in the syringe came from "runoff water originated within a ten-block radius of where East Glades meets the bay." That's awfully specific! And completely nonsensical! But it's going to get worse as Diggle continues: "Nothing there except an old juvenile detention center, abandoned about three years ago." Really? An abandoned juvenile detention center? This is like when Batman's always surprised that the Joker has taken up residence in one of Gotham City's many abandoned toy factories and amusement parks. Oliver's ready to go, even though he's still suffering the aftereffects of Vertigo. Diggle holds up a tennis ball next to his head. If Oliver can hit it, Diggle will let him leave. Oliver holds up the bow, and his vision gets blurry. He puts down the bow and leaves anyway. No arrows?

Oliver (in Hood apparel) fights his way up a staircase, beating up various goons and then acting wobbly. Outside, the police arrive with blaring sirens and flashing lights. Good for them! Oliver reaches a laboratory and smashes up some stuff. The police go up the stairs and comment on the wreckage. Oliver finds The Count and shoots him up with his own Vertigo. But while he's standing there, the police come in and tell him to back away or they'll shoot.

Oliver tells the police that The Count deserves the overdose he's already given him. Detective Lance says this sort of behavior is exactly why he doesn't consider the Hood a hero: "You're what I always said you were. A killer." Oliver throws The Count at the police and runs. Naturally, no one manages to shoot him. It's possible that Oliver's superpower is that he's really good at running away from people with guns. McKenna finds something at the scene but we don't really see what it is.

Oliver drops Thea off at CNRI. She gets to look through some files! She's much more polite now, and she thanks Laurel for helping her not be in prison. Oliver's phone rings and it's McKenna. The Count will be in prison for a while and she's done here. That's it? Huh. I thought for sure she'd found something that proved Oliver was the Hood.

Hospital. The Count writhes in agony. He might never recover, according to a medical professional. Well, at least Oliver didn't kill him, right? He just doomed him to years of hideous agony. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen!

Flashback Oliver hits the water and staggers to land. He checks his pockets and finds a map shred that Yao Fei put in there. He mumbles something about surviving.

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