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Black Arrow

Oliver stalks his way to 10245 Wharf. It's your usual empty warehouse space that doesn't appear to have any sort of professional arrow-making business inside it. Although he does find a workbench with an arrow in it. And then! The door slams behind him! And there's a red blinking light. We hear clicks and buzzes. There's an obvious booby trap filling with liquid that's getting closer to a flame. He shoots a bomb-arrow at the locked door and gets out just ahead of a fireball.

I want to expand on that "bomb-arrow" thing. His problem was that a bomb was about to explode behind him, and the door about twenty feet away was locked. So he shot an arrow into the middle of the door, and then the arrow exploded, knocking the door off its hinges. And Oliver jumped out just as the regular bomb exploded. It all seems pretty dangerous. Personally, my next move would be to go back to Felicity Smoak and try to get more information on Sagittarius. How long ago were they there? Who owns the patent? Was the whole thing set up to lure Oliver in there? What if the police had checked that patent number first?

Christmas party! It looks nice, but Oliver certainly didn't do the decorating himself. I think he just told the help that he wanted decorations everywhere. Diggle now asks if this is the right time for him to be doing this, which seems inconsistent since he was insisting on Oliver celebrating Christmas. Shane comes in and says Thea invited him. Oliver scowls at him, but Diggle says, "Good luck, kid." Love it. Hey, there's a photographer! And I guess I should mention that there are a lot of people we don't know at this party. The place is full. Well, the three or four rooms we usually see are full. Oliver gets a picture of himself, Moira, Walter, and Thea. Everyone treats it as an imposition, but I think it's nice that Oliver is treating Walter as part of the family. Shane smarms up and gives flowers to Moira. Thea goes off with him and Moira says she'll talk alone with Walter. Oliver is kind of menacing as he asks if everything is okay between them.

Tommy and Laurel come in. Oliver is nearly convincing as he claims to be glad they both made it. Tommy accurately describes it as weird. I like Tommy a lot, because he's the only one who acts like a real person most of the time. Oliver's always too intense for the situation.

Upstairs, Moira just drops Shane's flowers on a table instead of putting them in water. She tells Walter he lied to her when he said he was through investigating Robert's death. His excuse is that he wants to avenge his best friend's murder. And in his opinion, Moira told him too many lies. For example, why did she salvage the Queen's Gambit? For leverage against people Walter's made angry. And Moira can't fight them because "I am them." She wants to get through the party, then she'll tell him everything. Well, clearly one of them is going to die before the party's over, right?

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