Year's End

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Black Arrow

Laurel tells Tommy to shove off so she can talk to Oliver. She wants to move forward with Tommy, but something's been holding her back: Oliver. He kisses her on the cheek and says he's happy for both of them. He says that like every third episode! Tommy and Laurel are constantly saying they're just about to start having a relationship. Get on with it already.

Upstairs, Oliver barges into Thea's room (he really doesn't knock!) where she's taking Shane's shirt off. Shane runs off, and Thea reminds Oliver that she didn't want a party. This party is just bringing back memories she wants to forget. Things will never be the way they used to be! And so on, with the generic teen tantrum! Diggle comes in to tell him that the other archer (let's call him Black Arrow) is taking hostages. He turns on the local news, coincidentally right at the start of a hostage reading a speech: "I will kill one hostage every hour in the name of this vigilante until he surrenders himself to my authority." Well, that should make it clear to everyone that two different people are running around being vigilante archers. Diggle shuts it off, which seems crazy. What if there was more to the speech? Oliver wants to go end this. Diggle reminds him that Black Arrow is dangerous. Oliver claims that everything on the island was at least twice as dangerous.

Speaking of the island, let's go back there! Yao Fe is leading Oliver and the general through the jungle. He tells the general to call the plane on this radio. But it's a trap! Deathstroke is here! And so are some gun-toting ninjas! Oliver runs away as Deathstroke and Yao Fe fight. Deathstroke deflects an arrow from like two feet away. Oliver has a knife and stops next to a tree as he catches his breath. He sees Yao Fe get subdued and tied up.

Apparently we know where the hostages are: an abandoned building in The Glades. And the police are set up right outside, but there are hidden explosives so they can't go right in. The commissioner is directing a bomb-detecting robot, so Sergeant Lance shows up and mocks the commissioner's plan as being too slow.

Oliver ziplines in and breaks through a window right above the hostages, He frees all four of them and they start to walk out. That was easy! It took him like five minutes, tops. He tells them to go up on the roof. One hostage says, "What about--" Oliver answers, "I'll handle him." I like that she was worried about him. A lot of hostages are just worried about getting to safety.

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