Emmy Awards 2012: The Liveblog

by Rachel Stein September 23, 2012
Emmy Awards 2012

Will this be the year Mad Men doesn't nab Best Drama? Will Modern Family lose anything? Time will tell!

8:00 - The best part of the ceremonies starting: We don't have to watch Chris Harrison drool over Sofia Vergara anymore.

8:01 - Emmys intro reel, you had me at naked Lena Dunham eating cake on a toilet. Can't say she's not self-aware.

8:03 - Without any jokes whatsoever, this intro has really lost its steam. And how much does everyone hate Jimmy Kimmel that no one would tape this intro segment with him?

8:04 - So begins the opening monologue! The red carpet was really hot, did you hear?

8:04 - Cat Deeley! Jimmy lost me at everything between his shout out to her and "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo."

8:06 - For the record, I love that Obama watches Homeland. Doesn't it make you feel safer? Makes me really distrust Joe Biden, though.

8:08 - Let's get to it, sort of. The Year in Comedy montage acknowledges Happy Endings, even if Emmy voters never will.

8:10 - I don't really know whether or not all of these non-CBS show clips are supposed to be funny without the laugh track. Help, please!

8:11 - Amy Poehler and Louis CK together on stage? I think Tumblr just broke.

8:11 - By the way, we'll have .gif reactions on our Tumblr all night. Check it out here.

8:12 - Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Will Schmidt or Stefon take down a Modern Family star?

8:12 - Nope. But Eric Stonestreet did steal Ed O'Neill's first Modern Family acting win.

8:14 - Alright, that was gracious and we got a shot of Jesse Tyler Ferguson crying. Good enough.

8:15 - For all of the winners tonight, check out our instantly-updated Winners List.

8:19 - Stars, They're Just Like Us: They also half-watch the Emmys!

8:20 - Best Writing for a Comedy goes to Louis CK! Sucks to be Community, sadly, but when was that not the case? He even gave a cute little shout-out to his kids and got jazzy outro music.

8:22 - Breaking Bad without cable: Don Knotts getting murdered. That's the whole joke?

8:23 - Kat Denning's boobs are here to tell us who wins Supporting Actress in a Comedy, and of course it's Julie Bowen. Do you see a pattern here? Should I just skip over all of the Modern Family wins?

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