Emmy Awards 2012: The Liveblog

by Rachel Stein September 23, 2012
Emmy Awards 2012

9:30 - And Damian Lewis dethrowns Bryan Cranston. Now that Hugh Laurie is done with TV for now, Lewis is also the new King of Surprise British Accents on Emmy night.

9:36 - Jon Hamm and Tina Fey versus Louis CK and Amy Poehler in an Internet fight after the show. Winner takes all the .gifs.

9:38 - So, who's getting the Lead Actress award? Claire Danes, as predicted and deserved. Not only does she yell at the Emmys for playing off her writers, she also talks speedy-quick, says "Holla!" to Mandy Patinkin and gives an adorable thank-you to her husband. What a pro.

9:40 - The Year in Variety reel is trying to convince us The Daily Show might not win, but we all know that's a big fat lie.

9:42 - Aziz Ansari whips out a fake British accent, probably fooling about 50 percent of tweens on Twitter. The other half is Googling "who is jane levy."

9:44 - Really long clips on the Variety Writing, but I guess the tension was worth it for Louis CK to win yet another award, this one for his excellent "Live At The Beacon Theater." Has a show that had quite so many dick jokes even won an Emmy?

9:45 - Oh wait, Two and a Half Men, right.

9:50 - Ricky Gervais just immediately starts talking about the Golden Globes within the first second, which means I get $100 in our "How Soon will Ricky Gervais Start Talking about the Golden Globes" office pool.

9:52 - Will Louis CK win his third award for the night? The Variety Directing prize goes to... a sound problem. And then, Glenn Weiss, who is in the middle of directing the freaking show right now. Inception: Emmy Edition.

9:54 - Weiss plays himself off. Best. Speech. Ever.

9:54 - And Gervais stays on stage for Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series. And yep, it's another Daily Show win. Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert fake-attack Jon Stewart from getting on stage, but we all know there's truth to every joke.

9:57 - "We were told we get a free sandwich after ten." - Jon Stewart. Also, a bunch of curse words about how stupid Emmy voters are that get bleeped out. Not bad.

10:02 - Sucks to be Jimmy Kimmel and have to still host after losing, but at least he didn't make a long joke about it that involved fake-kicking his parents out of the the -- nevermind.

10:03 - Year in Miniseries or Movie. The American Horror Stuff is so freaky, especially the Sarah Palin bits. And isn't it cute that Missing is considered an accidental miniseries?

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