Emmy Awards 2012: The Liveblog

by Rachel Stein September 23, 2012
Emmy Awards 2012

10:04 - FYI: If Sherlock doesn't win everything, I'm leaving.

10:06 - Steve Buscemi is here to give Best Supporting Actress to Jessica Lange. For the record, I wrote that before she won, because duh.

10:06 - Jessica Lange had never met Ryan Murphy before he called her to be in American Horror Story. Between that and looking kick-ass in that dress at the age of 63, she really does have it all.

10:12 - Ellen makes a callback to that opening pretaped segment that I'd already forgotten about. She deserves better.

10:14 - Kerry Washington hands over the Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries to Tom Berenger from Hatfields & McCoys.

10:16 - Oh my gosh, this speech is as boring as... Hatfields & McCoys. The Emmys tried playing him off for so long that the music got upbeat.

10:17 - In what I thought was another Breaking Bad joke, here's a sweet Andy Griffith Show tribute from Ron Howard.

10:18 - And now, the real In Memoriam.

10:22 - Well, that was really sad. Kinda makes me wish we could go back to Jimmy Kimmel fake-dying.

10:26 - Lucy Liu and Kiefer Sutherland are presenting together and not doing any sweet martial arts moves? The 2000s are sorely disappointed.

10:27 - And Gilmore Girls alum Danny Strong takes home the Writing trophy for Game Change. It was much better than Bunheads, in case you missed it. Good for you, Doyle. Also: Buffy.

10:28 - Julianne Moore wins Best Lead Actress for Game Change much to the dismay of Sarah Palin, I'm sure. I think this is the first time I've heard Moore use her real speaking voice in years.

10:36 - Emanda and Snow White give Jay Roach the Emmy for Game Change directing, and within moments he gets played off. The producers are giving this whole Miniseries category about three more seconds before they just shut it down forever.

10:35 - And Kevin Coster beats out Benedict Cumberbatch and Idris Elba for Lead Actor in Hatfields & McCoys. Sigh. Is it time to find out Mad Men and Modern Family win Best Series yet?

10:45 - Phew, they sent Andre Braugher to finally get sh*t done.

10:46 - Best Miniseries of the year goes to Game Change. No surprises here, except I'm sure there are a lot of "Why is Tom Hanks on stage?" tweets happening right now.

10:47 - Rushing through the Best Drama nominees is Julianne Moore... and Homeland wins! God, not a good year for Mad Men!

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