MTV Video Music Awards 2011: The Liveblog

by Rachel Stein August 29, 2011
MTV Video Music Awards 2011

10:41 - It's official: Tyler, The Creator will be Amber Rose's next boyfriend.

10:42 - It's so sweet that Sherri Shepherd is crying over Tyler's win.

10:43 - Jared Leto, you so crazy.

10:44 - Not sure if this Young the Giant dude reminds us more of Carter Baizen from Gossip Girl or Ethan from Lost.

10:45 - Did anyone just see that amazing face from the guy in the crowd during Young The Giant's performance? I hope for your sake you did. Or that it's somewhere on the internet tomorrow AM.

10:50 - Supposedly, there's less than 25 minutes left in the show. What are the Vegas odds that Gaga comes out with a live tiger on her back by the end of it?

10:55 - Damn, Angelina is looking good tonight!

10:58 - Holy crap, poor Brian May was forced to spend the entire evening sitting next to Gaga? Somewhere in a mansion in Britain, Jimmy Page is counting his blessings.

10:59 - Please put on something hilarious, Gaga. Think of the little monsters!

11:01 - No, Gaga, Adele was born this way. You were manufactured this way in a factory for desperate clich├ęs.

11:03 - This Russell Brand-Amy Winehouse tribute doesn't translate well to the obnoxious VMA live audience, but it really did make for an excellent written piece. We've never heard him so eloquent. He should stick to eulogies exclusively.

11:07 - Did Tina Knowles style Tony Bennett tonight, too?

11:09 - Of all people, they choose Bruno Mars to do this cover. Naya Rivera better have been EXTREMELY busy tonight.

11:13 - For the love of God, can someone please go over and hug Adele?

11:18 - Finally! The Hunger Games teaser trailer!

11:18 - ....are you kidding me? Could that have been briefer? We patiently sat through the last two hours and eighteen minutes for that?

11:20 - Can't pay attention to Katy Perry's blockhead, still seething about Hunger Games.

11:22 - Sorry, Drake, but unless we're about to see a Degrassi reunion, nothing is going to make up for this night.

11:23 - Maybe Lil Wayne will rap a spoiler or something? Is anyone as pissed as I am right now?

11:27 - Well, that was it. Real or unreal: the blink-and-you-missed-it Hunger Games trailer was still the best part of the show. Answer: real.

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