SAG Awards 2013: The Liveblog

by Rachel Stein January 27, 2013
Screen Actors Guild Awards 2013

9:39 - Sally Field and Daniel Day-Lewis are too adorable for their own good. By the way, if Lincoln wins, that basically covers half of the members of the SAG, right?

9:40 - "sally field feet" is the number nine Google suggested search, FYI.

9:42 - Outstanding Female Actor in a Lead Role goes to Jennifer Lawrence. Please let her make another First Wives Club reference.

9:45 - Happy for Jennifer, and really hoping this brings her that much closer to nabbing the Oscar from Jessica Chastain... and by "this," I of course mean her promo work on My Super Sweet 16.

9:53 - Viola Davis now presenting the Male Actor in a Leading Role to... wait, is Denzel Washington crying at his own clip?

9:54 - Anywho, Daniel Day-Lewis wins. He should totally play Jeff Winger's dad on Community, dressed as Lincoln just cuz.

9:56 - "It was an actor that murdered Abraham Lincoln... and every now and then, it's only fitting an actor tries to bring him back to life again." This guy!

9:57 - Jude Law rushing through the top prize: And it goes to Argo! Another shocker. The Oscars are doomed to be terrible by comparison (or exactly the same -- we'll see!). We'll see you for more liveblogging then!

Get our full SAG Awards winners list here.

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