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Anyway, the plane lands, and they have a picnic, and broach the elephant in the room, with Ed mumbling a half-hearted apology for how he approached things and Jaclyn wince-inducingly jumping in to make excuses for him about how he was caught off-guard and such. She, naturally, pretends she's happy to keep things going the way they are. And her "Unless..." completely puts the lie to that.

That's when Ed starts spinning a story about how he's pursuing a woman back home, and he came on the show single, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have feelings for someone back home. Jaclyn says, "Ugh, all right. That's a doozy." She says she wouldn't have "acted that way" if she knew, and Ed said he figured since she "talks to everybody" she would have known, since it was one of the first things that he talked to Sarah about, and she has to point out she's not Sarah. Yeah, that's part of Ed's problem, sorry Jaclyn.

She cries in an interview and says, "That sucks for me" and I had to keep rewinding it because I thought she said, "Butt sex for me."

She doesn't know what she's done wrong, because she's been "so cool and chill" about everything. What did you do wrong? Well, you agreed to go on this show, twice, for a start.

So who else do we need to check in on? Oh, Tony and Blakely. He's really falling for her, what with her inner and outer beauty, and he wants to show her that he's in it for her, and so he's thrown together some pillows and candles and wine -- all things in abundance in the Pad -- on the ground so they can sit and drink and make out. He hopes there's something that can carry on after the show, what with her being the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up and when he goes to sleep.

They cuddle and he says he'd love to see her in his daily life, and usually the desired response is "I have tons of trust issues," which is what Blakely says, adding that she needs a strong guy to bust through all that. Translation: I expect you to do all the work and put up with my bullshit. She tells us, though, that she really likes Tony and she's confident the two of them will have "something outside of here."

So instead of just ending the Ed and Jaclyn date and putting everyone out of their misery, they continue on to dinner while Jaclyn professes to still be confused by Ed, because he acts like they're in a romantic relationship, but he says they're not. And since this is an overnight date, she's got a decision to make. Seems like that's an easy decision. "If he's going to continue saying he's not romantically involved with anyone in the house, like he did at the last Rose Ceremony, then I need to back away," she says. Jesus, how many TIMES does he need to say it?

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