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Kalon says he can't believe Ed and Jaclyn didn't give him and Linzi the roses, just because they don't run around like "emotional alcoholics" screaming about their feelings. Maybe it's because you call people, some of whom supposedly are your friends, "emotional alcoholics"? At any rate, this is the worst possible outcome for him and Lindzi, a sentiment that gets tossed around so much it doesn't mean anything anymore.

So it's the cocktail party time, where Harrison comes out to remind them about the voting-as-a-couple rule. And it seems at first like there's a new person in the house, but it turns out that it's just Rachel having restyled her hair and we're seeing her forehead the first time. I guess with Michael gone she's decided no more bangs for her of any kind. She looks really nice!

Rachel tells Nick that they should vote for Kalon and Lindzi, since that's the way the alliance is going. Elsewhere, Kalon is grumbling that they've "played ball" this whole time and this is what they get for it. Guy, at some point on reality show, every alliance ends. He feels he let Lindzi down this week (I assume by blowing the spelling bee?) so he wants to make it up to her by trying to take down Rachel and Nick. He needs to get Blakely and Tony on board, because then Chris and Sarah will be easy.

Kalon makes his pitch, pointing out to Tony and Blakely that he and Lindzi are a real couple, unlike the slapped together Nick and Rachel (and Rachel doesn't want to be there any longer).

Blakely and Tony discuss it, with Tony saying he'd prefer to keep Kalon and Lindzi because Kalon's his "boy" but he knows Blakely's closer to Rachel. And then Nick strolls in and it ought to be clear to Nick what Blakely and Tony were talking about it because Tony overdoes it with "The Nickster!" rather hilariously.

Nick says he wants a "quick chat" to see where their heads are after chatting with Kalon and Lindzi. Blakely says she doesn't know, even though she used to. She wants to see what's on the table, and Tony finishes by saying they want to make the right decision.

And then Rachel comes in to join them, and Nick is all "They don't know where their heads are at!"

Nick doesn't know why anyone would keep Kalon, and Tony sticks up for him, saying Kalon has always been a hundred per cent honest at least with him. Nick starts getting increasingly agitated, since this was Tony's plan and he went along with it. Tony's "We didn't shake on it" is less than comforting, and of course further making Nick angry is the fact that he already voted. Rachel characterizes it as Nick deciding to suddenly turn into a lunatic, which is a bit harsh, but Nick is certainly doing the Widow Stagliano no favors.

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