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Season 3, Episode 2

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Twinning Isn't Everything

So she takes her top off, jumps in the pool, and winds up in bed with a very drunk Ed. Whew! For a moment there, she was almost pathetic! Close one.

And now Brittany and Erica T., have decided that strategic alliances are something they need (if not a phrase they can say) and so go after noted power players Nick and Tony, who amusingly can barely conceal their contempt while the twins bicker and fail to display the ability to complete a sentence that doesn't have the word "slut" or "like" in it. And even after the bacchanalia has ended and everyone else tries to sleep, the twins are STILL fighting, and it's bad enough that the adults, rather than comforting them, basically tell them to just shut up and go to sleep. Brittany wants to go home, and it may be because of her period? Did I hear that right? Of course, they're playing as a team, so that means Erica T. would to leave as well. This has upside for everyone (except Erica T., I suppose).

The next day dawns with the two of them still at it. Mike says he's met a lot of people, but he's never met two people who argue so much or go so quickly from best friends to el-diablo. Erica T. tells us Brittany has been calling the shots for twenty-two years, but now they plan to quit being twins or something. But in the end, Erica acquiesces to leaving, but not before going to see Dave and say goodbye. Dave yawns in response, which was pretty funny, while Kalon and Lindzi, snuggling on a pullout couch or something, whisper, "Which one was that?" The twins leave the game the way they played it: shrilly yelling at each other.

Everyone's happy to see the twins go, but it does take away the obvious choice for who to vote off for the women. Dave -- who hilariously doesn't even remember Erica coming in to say goodbye -- is worried because that was a vote he knew he could swing the way he wanted. He figures he's going home.

But obviously, because ABC's got to stick with the broadcast schedule and keep the teams even, Harrison informs everyone that the rest of the women are safe; tonight, just the women will be voting for the man they want to go home tonight. Kalon tells us Dave is the consensus pick to go home because Dave is the new guy. True, he's not the franchise veteran that Chris and Kalon are, for sure. But he doesn't trust Ryan, and he thinks Dave is newly appreciative for being on borrowed time.

So he plants the "let's vote Ryan" seed in Lindzi's mind, who brings Rachel and Jaclyn on board. And you can easily see Jamie going along with that.

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