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Season 3, Episode 5

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Chris obviously has to treat Tony with kid gloves, since he wants Tony's spare immunity rose to go to Sarah. He seems receptive, but then he goes to Blakeley for advice. And when it comes time to hand out the rose, Chris interrupts to ask to speak to Tony outside, where he makes a last-ditch speech about how he's doing this all for Sarah, and then Tony goes ahead and gives the rose to Jaclyn, earning a wink and a nod from Blakeley, who then speaks appreciatively about what a loyal and good person Tony is: "He's a domesticated man," she tells us. She may even have some Tony Treats for him for performing so well!

Everyone's in their cocktail party finery, starting to jockey around who's voting for whom. Harrison comes in to talk about the couples that have started to firm up, well, for everyone except for Jaclyn and Ed, who speaks at length about how he promised himself he wasn't going to be getting romantically involved here. This despite the fact that they've been sharing a bed every night. Jaclyn can't hide the hurt on her face, and I'm not sure I can blame her.

And then Harrison throws in this little monkey wrench: Everyone's voting for a woman tonight, and the woman who receives the most votes will pick the man who accompanies her out of the house. So if everyone picks Sarah, she's not likely to eliminate Chris.

Michael, feeling dirty, hopes that if they go for Erica, she'll take Chris home. And to help cement that, he wants to plant the seed in Erica's mind that Chris is the one trying to get her voted off.

Ugh, let's check in with Ed and Jaclyn for a painful conversation about how Ed's not into Jaclyn. She starts crying, telling Ed she felt used, adding that she wouldn't be doing what they're doing if she didn't have some feelings for him. Ed, after trying to justify his behavior, finally apologizes.

Back from commercial (after the rules get explained to us again), Michael explains AGAIN their plot. They desperately need Erica to think Michael and Rachel voted for Lindzi, not her. In a conversation with Jaclyn, Erica finds out Chris is voting for her. She goes to confront him about it, and he tries to stick with the story that he's voting for Lindzi, because he's too dumb not to realize what an implausible cover story that is. But not even Chris is too dumb to know it's not in his interest for Erica to know he's voting for her. She warns him that if she's leaving, he's not safe. Then, after finding out from a couple more people (Michael and Ed) that Chris is targeting her, she ups the ante but telling Chris that if she goes home, she's definitely taking him with her.

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