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Season 3, Episode 8

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Forget It, Rachel. It's Bachelor Pad

"It absolutely sucks to relive that," she tells Harrison, and says she played "the most loyal game" in her life, making sure to explain she's never been so loyal in her life, "trust me," whatever THAT'S supposed to mean. "A best friend doing that to you, essentially taking away their best friend's chance to win $250,000, is unforgivable," she says. (Even though Rachel would be doing exactly that IN THE FINAL had she kept Jaclyn! So grow UP, Jaclyn!)

At least she's come down a little bit from her stance that she won't vote for Rachel. Now she's just "torn." And then she complains that Michael got credit for being the puppet master, when she feels she controlled the game. (Footage not found.)

Commercial break, and then it's time to visit with Blakeley, who has been sitting holding hands with Tony up until now. We watch her happiness at being Chris's partner vanish almost immediately when it turns out that Chris is a weird eagle-headed child, and then hero Tony wanting to be the best partner ever for Blakeley, mainly, it would seem, because she's "smoking hot." Blakeley calls him "precautious" which I think I missed first time around, as well as Tony pulling a corny "who's got two thumbs and an incredibly hot woman by his side? THIS guy" joke on their exit limo ride, which should have turned his exit limo ride into an exit hitchhike home.

Blakeley now says she was suspicious of Chris from Day One, and she told "many a people" about it. Harrison asks her why there's so much animosity between her and Jamie. Maybe it's the necklace choke chain thing she's wearing on her head and in her hand and the huge jangly earrings that sound like a janitor's keychain when she moves her head in the slightest.

And now Jaclyn and Jamie are yelling at each other, along the lines of how fake the other one is, to the point that Harrison has to remember that he's supposed to be interviewing Blakeley, so then he asks her about her relationship with Tony, like anyone cares about that. Blakeley says it feels like it's too good to be true. She kind of chokes up, so I guess that means he's paying her cable bill. She says he lets her "be Blakeley" and then Harrison threatens that he's going to talk to Blakeley much more, but we have to have a commercial break.

So based on the fact that Blakeley's interview is spanning a commercial break and that we saw some sort of preview where Tony joins her and talks about how he wants to show how much she means to him and then a standing ovation, we're clearly building to something. Blakeley wants to know where Tony was from the beginning, and Tony says he had a crush on her right away but she went straight to Chris and then he got "friend-zoned," like maybe guys need to stop blaming women for not automatically wanting to sleep with them.

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