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Season 3, Episode 8

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Forget It, Rachel. It's Bachelor Pad

Harrison asks him what he learned, and Chris says he learned that the game got control of him. And then he apologizes to Jamie, from the bottom of his heart. Jamie's not buying it. Blakeley's rolling his eyes. And now Chris is announcing that he's had enough criticism because he gets it every day from his family, and he asks everyone to vote not for him, but for Sarah, since she deserves it. Seems to me that Sarah knew -- and got a little thrill -- that he was being deceitful to the other women, but didn't care because her being chosen meant she was better than the other two.

And now it's time to vote, which makes me start running through scenarios in my head over what Rachel's promised backstage profanity-laced tirade could be about, since we still haven't seen that.

The rule is "one brain, one vote," so that's why the twins (who we amusingly haven't heard from AT ALL tonight) get just one vote. So there are sixteen votes available, so the first team to get nine moves on to the next round.

The vote tally! Michael votes for "Rachel ... also Nick" to chuckles. Jamie shockingly votes for Rachel and Nick. Kalon votes for Sarah and Chris. Ed votes for Nick and Rachel. Blakeley votes for Nick and Rachel. Dave votes for Chris and Sarah. Erica votes for Chris and Sarah. Reid votes for Nick and Rachel (Reid has been quiet tonight too). Lindzi votes for Rachel and Nick. She says it was tough, because I don't think LIndzi wants anyone to dislikes her. Donna, not in a bikini, votes for Nick and Rachel. Tony votes for Nick (called "Captain Protein" on his card) and Rachel. So Nick and Rachel need just one more vote, out of the five left.

So let's go to Jaclyn next. She says she played a loyal game, and decided to stick with a loyal game. She voted for Nick and Rachel. Not really a surprise. Chris and Sarah hug Nick and Rachel, and then Rachel and Jaclyn embrace.

After a commercial break, Rachel and Nick are alone on center stage, Chris and Sarah having been moved to the side, Chris clearly wondering how long he has to continue to pretend to like Sarah. Harrison sticks with the storyline that it's such a shocker that this couple that was just thrown together made it to the end, like all the rest of the couples were married for 20 years before coming on the show. And he also reveals that all of the remaining unseen votes were for Nick and Rachel too, so I hope Chris reconsiders a "no regrets, assholes!" strategy next time he wants people to vote for him for something.

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