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Season 3, Episode 8

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Forget It, Rachel. It's Bachelor Pad

Anyway, Harrison asks Rachel how it feels to be partnered with someone who she's not really sure she can trust. You mean like with Michael? Naturally, both Nick and Rachel think they are an excellent couple or whatever.

So to go over the rules: they will each vote, separately, to keep or share the money. If they both vote "Share" they split it. If one votes "Keep" and the other "Share," the person who chose "Keep" gets it all. If they both vote "Keep," then the rejects are the ones who get to split the money.

So off they go, while Harrison polls the rejects on what Nick and Rachel will/should do. Jaclyn says Rachel should vote to keep the money, since she deserves to be there more than Nick does, and pardon my eye-rolling. I mean, even someone in this sympathetic audience boos her for that. She does, however, think Rachel will vote to share. Chris says they'll both vote to share. SWAT asks if he's the only one who'd take the money and run. Of course, you'd have to last more than a couple of episodes to get the chance, SWAT.

Oh, this is painful to watch. Endless speculation coupled with shots of Rachel and Nick looking agonized in their respective voting rooms, like they don't already know what they're going to do.

Rachel and Nick are trotted back out on stage, oversized novelty votes in their hands. Are they ready to reveal their votes? They are. Harrison reminds us again how the voting works, for some reason. I'm willing to bet they already know.

So let's get to it: How did Rachel vote? Instead of just TELLING us, she launches into a spiel about how she came on to the show for both possibilities, love and money. "There was a time I thought I was really close to both," she says (shot of Michael). She tries to pretend that she didn't come here for "half the money" (because $125,000? Fuck that!) but you can't win without a partner, so she voted to share.

Nick grins. Harrison reminds us AGAIN of how the votes work. So now it's time for Nick's diatribe, as he talks about how no one among the rejects, no one watching at home, NOT EVEN CHRIS HARRISON HIMSELF, would have ever believed he'd make it there, and despite having done so, he was just slagged off tonight by Jaclyn and Ed for saying he didn't deserve to be there and was inconsequential in the house. No one ever cared how he wanted to vote, he says (of course, a moment ago he was passing off his low profile as an intentional strategy, but whatever, Nick).

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