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The Last Rose of Summer

Harrison asks when he knew that Jillian wasn't going to accept his proposal, and Reid says "That's a good question," and I didn't think it was a particularly hard question, but Reid doesn't actually know. And then Harrison asks if he feels like a little piece of him is missing, and Reid takes forever to say yes, and Harrison's all, "You loved her that much?" and he says yes, and two dingbats in the audience make "awww" faces at each other.

He says he's scared to talk to Jillian, by which I presume he means he's worried she's going to blubber and talk at him in her raspy emotional voice that drives me nuts.

And then, after a commercial break, Jillian comes out, as Harrison just threatened. Jillian nervously says that she's nervous to see him. "You look happy," says Reid, and Jillian says it's been a weird day, and she's missed everybody so much (she missed her old boyfriends so much?). Reid asks if, when he came back, was there a part of her that wanted to say yes to his proposal. And even though the answer should be, "No, not really," Jillian talks for about ten minutes about how this is so emotional, and it's not fake, and I hate to tell Jillian that just because she's not reading from a script, doesn't mean that this is not fake.

Reid says he could say a lot of things, and Jillian says "This is our chance," because apparently they are forbidden from speaking to each other except for when cameras are on, and Reid's very close-mouthed about it, and Jillian acts all upset about it, and Reid admits to still loving her, and then she babbles about how she doesn't want him to hurt, and she's glad she met him, and apparently she thinks he should be rooting for her. Harrison asks what Reid's thoughts are, after sitting there listening to her talk (prattle) on about her emotions. The only correct response is "I wish I were deaf," but Reid asks if it would have made a difference if he told her how he felt earlier (although didn't he just say that earlier he didn't feel the emotion was there?) and Jillian babbles on about how she feels that she's with the person she's supposed to be with.

Reid hesitates and then says it's not right to ask the other question he was going to, and Jillian encourages him, and then he says it's about the fantasy suite, which I guess shut Jillian up very quickly, and it's going to detract from the supposed romance of her happiness with Ed if she gets interrogated about having sex with the other bachelors.

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