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The Final Rose

The next morning, Ali strolls along the beach feeling good about her choice. She isn't capable of loving two people. Especially when one of them is a sad average person like Chris and the other is a sizzling platter of man meat like Roberto. She loves Roberto. Meanwhile, Roberto is doing some soul searching of his own. But his deep thoughts are interrupted by a Diamond Ring Salesman, who is loving his job right now. I mean, this guy got flown to Bora Bora to show off some diamond rings for five minutes. Can I have his job? Roberto picks his ring (he's a total keeper: he didn't pick the marquis cut) and the Diamond Ring Salesman goes out to catch some rays. Sun rays and sting rays, Tahiti has all kinds of rays!

So because this is the finale, and there has to be some drama, Roberto has to do some more soul searching and make a few proclamations about the fact that he won't propose unless it feels right. He has a difficult decision to make. But he has confidence in his decision. Meanwhile, Ali is dressed and waiting for her Final Rose Ceremony. She is nervous, because Roberto is the last man standing. She fidgets and frets as she waits for Roberto's love boat to pull into her dock. She has faith in her decision, but also, doubt. What if he just wants to be friends? What if he gave her herpes? What if? What if?

But suddenly, Roberto is there. His boat pulls up to Ali's island aerie. She is hyperventilating, yet swears she is certain that Roberto is the man for her. Roberto is looking dapper in his navy slim cut suit. He is greeted by Chris Harrison who has less work to do than the Diamond Ring guy. Chris points out the stairs and wishes Roberto good luck and then wanders off to finish his Mai Tai before getting a well-earned massage on the beach. Ali takes a few more deep breaths trying to calm down, but she's probably just hyperventilating because her dress is too tight. The second Roberto shows up, Ali throws her arms around him, which kind of spoils the ending.

Before Ali can say anything, though, Roberto wants to tell her what he is thinking. Uh oh, is he pulling a Frank? He explains that he has been having Big Thoughts and needs to tell her some things. Roberto reminds her that on the first night they met she told him that she needed a husband who loved her unconditionally. He takes a deep breath. Then he blurts it out: he wants to be that man for her. He loves her. He wants to grow old with her. Ali smiles and giggles and wraps her arms around him and tells him that he is the only one there. She sent Chris home. She loves him so much. There is no one else. Then he gets down on one knee and presents her with a ring and doesn't do any of those douchey Bachelor things like tell her he is going to keep it until later or ask her to wear it around her neck or anything. He asks her to be his wife. She says yes. They love each other. For now. As "Can You Feel the Love Tonight" plays we see Ali and Roberto's journey to love. Then he swoops her up and carries her off to conquer her in the bedroom. Aw, romance.

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