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Here I Go Again On My Own

The next morning, DeAnna says it's time for the guys to cut loose and get wild. We know that for Jason, this means golf, but that's not what they'll be doing.

A helicopter lands at the house. "Looks like our ride's here," says Deanna, and not for the first time. But this helicopter is just for her and Twilley, and there'll be another one to pick up the other guys later, who sit around and talk about how awesome it would be to be in the helicopter with Deanna. Graham, in a talking head, says the ride with Twilley and DeAnna is going to be terrible, because he gets awful motion sickness. Sure enough, Twilley seems uncomfortable, but he thankfully doesn't chunder. Unfortunately, he does have a hard time opening the helicopter door for her, prompting her to rudely roll her eyes at the camera. And somehow the other guys who got left behind before taking their own helicopter ride are already there waiting for them.

So the group date is ATV racing. As always, DeAnna is completely amazing because she's awesome at doing things, or whatever. I don't know. They look like they're having fun, though.

Jeremy and Sean are hanging around the house shirtless, and Sean says, "You want this?" So THIS is what they get up to when DeAnna's not around. Naturally. I suppose that if I had a body like either of these guys, I'd eschew shirts a little more often. Sean pretends that the date card raves about his date with her the date before. In actuality, it says "Jeremy, let's take a step back in time with Ol' Blue Eyes." "That sounds like it'll be quite a, uh, romantic evening," says Jeremy, which makes me wonder if he even knows who Frank Sinatra is. Sean says he's not sure anything could top having dinner on a mountain. I submit that an avalanche would have capped off that dinner quite nicely.

On the ATVs, we learn that Twilley is off in his own little world, says DeAnna, which to me by this point means, "Twilley was not constantly hanging off me telling me how awesome I am." She says Jason just rode his in a straight line, while Jesse manhandled his four-wheeler, which turned her on. She practically has to fan herself.

Back to the Palm Springs crib now, where everyone jumps in the pool, and the guys have chicken fights for DeAnna's amusement. Jason says in a talking-head that he kind of gets lost in the shuffle with the other guys, so he has to stick his neck out a bit, which any chicken will tell you is exactly the moment your head gets cut off.

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