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Here I Go Again On My Own

Back at the date, Jeremy talks to DeAnna about -- I want to say love? The future? DeAnna says when she's with Jeremy, she feels very loved, and that she's the only person on his mind. "I want so badly to fall in love with him," she says. Then they strip down and get in the pool. Jeremy has a couple of talking heads about his genuine feelings for DeAnna. I'm not sure why, but I believe him a little bit more than I believe most people on shows like this. For example, DeAnna: "I could definitely see myself falling in love with Jeremy." If DeAnna said, "I definitely believe that Wednesday follows Tuesday," I'd look it up.

Cocktail party time -- only when the guys show up, as we've been shown several times, DeAnna's not there waiting for them. "Every time we roll in, she's sitting on the couch," says Jesse. Is this like in The Godfather Part III where all the dons meet in Atlantic City and get slaughtered by Joey Zasa? Crossing my fingers!

Chris comes in to say, "DeAnna just told me her mind is made up. There's not going to be a cocktail party tonight." Because DeAnna came to her senses, realized what an awful show this is and went home? No -- she's already got her mind made up as to who her final four are, and it would be pointless to have a cocktail party. I think it's fair to say that anyone who watches this -- for ironic reasons or sincere ones -- has a high tolerance for pointlessness, so I don't know what this proves.

We go straight to the rose ceremony, with Chris reminding the poor bastards that either they lose by being sent home or they lose by being forced to continue. DeAnna comes out to allude to Brad again and talk about how she isn't going to lead anyone on by putting them through a cocktail party when she's already got her mind made up. Another way of looking at this is that it's awfully low of her not to give her two losers the chance to do some convincing tonight. But it's presented as though DeAnna is eligible for sainthood now. The beneficiaries? Us, for not having to sit through the same-old same-old cocktail party and watch the endless parade of guys snag some alone time with her and say "take the opportunity" over and over again.

And now, the roses: Jeremy. Jason. Graham. It's down to Jesse, Sean and Twilley for the final rose (which really means it's down to Jesse and Sean, since Twilley is and always has been a non-factor). And the rose goes to Jesse, who looked like he really wasn't confident about it. Sean has kind of a "really? You don't want to get with this?" look about him right now.

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