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Spare Me

Brad, will you accept this rose? Oh! Brad is Harold! Find/replace! Find/replace!

Sean, will you accept this rose? That guy has never been on this show before and you can't even try to fool me.

Lanny, will you accept this rose? Yee-ha! 'Course I will, Li'l Missus! He hasn't seen a woman with so much power since he got hisself an invite to the Sadie Hawkins Dance in Amarillo! Lanny, just do me one favor and always use protection. By which I mean, wear some safety goggles when you fire your gun straight up into the chandelier.

Ryan R., will you accept this rose? I don't think he got one the first time I watched this.

Matt, will you accept this rose? He's so happy he smiles from hypotenuse to hypotenuse.

Ian, will you accept this rose? Ah, the Second Chance Bouquet. For those times when the First Impressions Bouquet is ugly and not to your taste, but when you still don't want to give a rose to a pretty black man.

And, finally:

Ryan M., will you accept this rose? Oooh, Goofy's not looking so goofy now.

Hands are shaken and Marcus proclaims himself "blown back." Damon is sad that Meredith doesn't like him. Back inside, the winners circle toasts to "the ten guys I want to get to know further," and I'm hoping against hope that this show starts to become more watchable again when time gone simultaneously forwards and backwards and I find myself in the '30s.

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