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At dinner now, Meredith tries to engage him in a discussion about what he's looking for out of this whole experience, but she quickly interrupts him when she finds him flicking his fork over his antipasto of tomato and mozzarella. He sees Meredith staring, and he's all, "Who, me?" She asks him if he doesn't like tomatoes, but it turns out he was just trying to get the basil off the top of his plate. Whatever. Dude doesn't like basil. I can't look at a raw tomato without an uncomfortable lurching of the middle section of my whole self, and I flatly would not eat one if someone brought that plate to me, no matter where I was. It's not about pickiness; it's about being an adult and knowing what you like and what you don't. The metrosexual dude doesn't want to eat the basil, that's that. Let's see how they would have spun it if he'd been commenting on Meredith's eating quirks.

And, bowling. It's upstairs at the mansion, and they take an elevator to find a room with an indoor swimming pool and a two-lane bowling alley. Oh, man. I want that room in my house. Just see that one of the spare corners is cleared away for a Ms. Pac Man machine, okay? Awesome. ["Djb, I'm totally coming over, and I am bringing the Hi-C and Rice Krispies squares." -- Wing Chun] A devil's bargain is quickly forged that if Rick loses, Meredith doesn't have to feel compelled to give him a rose, but that if he wins, she has to. She lands a strike in the first frame and beats him handily, 128-113. Did they really have to go so far out of the way as to install a camera in the back of the alley for one shot?

Back in the limo now, Meredith notes that Rick has a little bit of an accent. Called "gay." He identifies it as "Minnesota," and asks her if she finds it sexy. "I don't know if I'd say 'sexy,'" she says, "but I like it." She then leans in for a kiss as an apology for her statement, and Rick tells us that they had "an unbelievable connection." Back at the house, they drunkenly note that all of the guys are watching out the window like they're waiting for the return of a lost puppy Mom says she took to live on a farm. He kisses her again in plain sight so that's there's no confusion, and she tells us in confessional that she appreciates the fact that they're "challenging" each other, but that she needs to think about whom she'd like to be with down the line. In other words, pack your footwear, Slipper Boy, 'cause it looks like you'll be needing some new walking shows. And, also, because those slippers totally don't match your decisively orange skin tone.

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