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Crocodile Tears

Jason greets the day shirtless, as he talks about what a regular guy from Seattle he is, and how amazing the experience has been. And you're kind of wondering what experience he's talking about, and then you feel really bad when you realize that he's talking about being on this show. "I didn't expect to meet someone like DeAnna," he says. No one expects to meet someone like DeAnna! Take that however you wish.

God, does there have to be so much recycled footage? Jason is voicing over endless clips we've seen countless times, because we have two goddamn hours to fill with about fifteen minutes' worth of new content.

It's Jesse's turn to walk shirtless out onto his balcony in the morning, and his turn to talk about how amazing it is to him as a "skinny white snowboarder" to be here. And, just as with Jason, we watch clips of Jesse that span the season as he rambles on about things that are "awesome," like snuggling with DeAnna, and things that are "ridiculous," like kissing DeAnna for the first time.

Today we are in Newnan, Georgia, where DeAnna is going to introduce the surviving bachelors to her family. Of course, they've been down this road already, with He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named -- oh, sorry, that should be He-Who-Shall-Be-Named-Over-And-Over-Again.

Jason shows up first, carrying flowers and champagne. "He's so sweet and thoughtful!" squeals DeAnna. Hugs and handshakes all around, and DeAnna's dad says Jason's going to be grilled.

And Brad is brought up again, by DeAnna's sister. That must be fun for the new boyfriend! Jason talks about Ty, and in a talking head, DeAnna's dad says he's not sure if DeAnna is ready to move right into a new family.

Chrissy, DeAnna's sister, steals Jason away to have a heart-to-heart chat with Jason, which serves two functions: to find out if he's going to break out DeAnna's heart (she's expecting maybe he'll say that's part of the plan?), and to prove that she can talk about Brad just as much as DeAnna. She peppers Jason with questions about whether he loves DeAnna, can see himself marrying her, etc. It goes on for about five hours. And then it's Dad's turn to have an inane conversation with a man who could be marrying his daughter after knowing her for about four weeks. And it's not the first time! Jason asks permission to marry his daughter, and DeAnna's dad says no one's ever had the guts to ask him that before (totally a shot at Brad). He gives his blessing, and the men hug.

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