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Crocodile Tears

"Jason really impressed me," says DeAnna's dad in a talking head, adding that Jason would fit in really well with the family. In another talking head, Jason says he doesn't know if DeAnna's going to pick him. Well, that's the hallmark of a soul mate, isn't it?

After Jason leaves, DeAnna's family gives Jason the thumbs-up, with DeAnna's dad calling him "gem of a guy." DeAnna's thrilled Jason asked for her dad's blessing, saying she'd be surprised -- and not OK with it -- if Jason didn't ask for it.

Now it's Jesse's turn to run the gauntlet. DeAnna admits that she's nervous about her family meeting Jesse, since he's not her usual type. Thomas, DeAnna's brother, says he could tell Jesse was nervous, what with the sweaty palms and all.

Jesse's had a haircut, but his new 'do still has plenty of fruity potential, as far as DeAnna's family seems to be concerned. "I have long hair normally. I snowboard a lot," Jesse tells the family. I'm sure that explains it all for them. DeAnna's dad asks him about snowboarding, and Jesse sounds about 12-years-old as he stammers on about how much fun snowboarding is. Yeah, but how do you support DeAnna when you're too old to compete, is what DeAnna's dad wants to know. If Jesse has an answer, we don't hear it.

Dad's grilling of Jesse continues on the porch, with threats of violence if the married Jesse and DeAnna don't visit enough. Meanwhile, DeAnna talks to Chrissy about whether she can see herself settling down with him and having kids -- the whole deal (three before she's thirty, remember!).

After Jesse leaves, the family talks about different the two are from each other -- with Dad reluctant to admit he thinks Jason is a better choice; he says he felt Jason's declarations of love were more heartfelt than Jesse's. And then there's this: Jesse didn't ask Dad's permission to marry DeAnna. Dad figures Jesse doesn't know how to ask for what he wants like Jason does, but DeAnna needs to figure out if she and Jesse are in the same place in life.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," says DeAnna. "...when I'm not living my love life on television," is what I assume she means.

Oh, wow. Two hours to fill, huh? Well, what we have is another family visit, with more extended family this time. Jesse's up first this time, and Jesse's dad even jokes about how Jesse's going to have to rehash everything that he said yesterday. Well, if any show knows how to rehash, it's The Bachelorette.

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