DeAnna Accepts A Proposal

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Crocodile Tears

Jason gets in and rides off, holding the ring. He sighs. "I'm completely shocked," he says, adding, "Why me?" He says he was so ready to be love again. "I was so ready to begin again." He figures she wanted something that he couldn't offer her. He talks about safety and security, and then living on the edge, and then returning to the safety and security, and he thought he had all that. Well, if she thinks she wouldn't be living on the edge with him, she obviously never watched him play golf. "The only for-sure thing I have is my little boy," he says. The camera doesn't leave his face until it gets, if not the outright tears, the moistening eyes it demands.

"Letting Jason go was the hardest thing that I've had to do because I care about him so much." You'll never believe this, but it "breaks her heart."She says she never in a million years thought it would end up this way. She says her connection with Jesse is "so strong" that she can't imagine a life without him. We watch Jesse ride up in the limousine, holding the ring. "Today, I'm ending up with my soul mate."

The limo arrives, and Chris opens the doors for Jesse, who says his stomach's in knots. "She looks amazing. Wow," he adds, when he spots DeAnna standing there waiting. He voices over that he just wants to start his life with her. DeAnna flat out glows as he approaches, and they hug and kiss.

He says that when he began this process, he never thought it was real or that he could fall in love with her. But that's what's happened. "I wanna spend forever with you," he says. He fumbles around in his pocket for the ring, and then gets down on one knee. "DeAnna Marie Pappas, will you spend forever with me?" She says yes, and then it's time for some more tonsil hockey. "I would not be OK if you were not in my life. And I love you. I've waited so long to say that. I love you," she says, and they kiss some more. The words "soul mate" are used. Hey, is there a Natasha Bedingfield song that we can use by that name? Great! Hey, you don't think it will appear obvious that we asked these guys to say "soul mate" as much as possible in order to make the song even more appropriate? Nah.

After the video montage of Jesse and DeAnna together on the show, DeAnna yells, "I cannot believe that I'm going to marry the guy with the pink shoelaces!" And on that anticlimactic note, we're out. No After the Final Rose "special" for me, thanks. Fortunately, there are labor laws that specifically prohibit more than two hours of Bachelor/Bachelorette recapping on any given night.

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