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Golden Graham

Jeremy's got a really nice place, and has his guyhood questioned because his closet is so organized. Thank god she never saw Sean's home spa/emollient shop. They look at pictures of his family, including pictures of him with his parents, and old pictures of them. In a talking head, he says the fact they've both lost parents gives them a connection that no one else has.

Sitting on the couch talking, he speaks mostly about his mother, and how much he would have loved her to be here to share this with her. Then he pulls out the journal in which he wrote down his innermost thoughts when his mom was dying. There is no amount of money you could pay to read out loud on a national television show something so personal, but I'm not going to judge. You're on a reality show, you might as well be on all the way, I suppose. DeAnna wipes away tears and thanks him for sharing that with her. In a talking-head, he says DeAnna is tearing down, brick by brick, the wall that he put up after his parents died.

Jeremy's brothers and sister-in-law arrive and they all hug and sit down for dinner, while Jeremy's beautiful boxer sleeps under the table. Meredith, the sister-in-law, says DeAnna was very welcoming and excited to meet them all. And as Jesse is the Snowboarder and Graham is the Basketball Player, Jeremy is The Guy Whose Parents Died, because that is the only conversation we're shown at the dinner table.

DeAnna and Meredith head outside to talk about how awesome it is that Jeremy has opened up to her, while Jason asks his brothers what they think. They like her, although Jason talks about how hard it is to know what she's really feeling, given that she's going through the same thing with three other guys. Jeremy says he doesn't think about it.

Then it's Jason and Patrick's turn to grill DeAnna. And if these boys are the Baldwins, Jeremy is completely Alec. "We're not on your side, we're on Jeremy's side," Jason tells her, and is completely frank about how hard it is for them that, best-case scenario, in a couple of weeks, Jeremy could be announced he's spending the rest of his life with this woman that they've met once. In a talking-head DeAnna admits to having sweaty palms and getting nervous, but says she knows Jeremy's brothers just don't want to see him get hurt.

Jeremy's brothers leave, which is nice, because then Jeremy and DeAnna can get down to the business of getting it on.

Jason's in Seattle, waiting for DeAnna, and he's so excited to see her that he hops up and down. He says that he missed her a ton. If he's unimpressed that she doesn't know what the Space Needle is, he doesn't let on. They go up to the tippy-top, which DeAnna says no one is ever allowed to do. I guess it's lucky they have that guard rail up there then.

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